Lemongrass House - spa products from Thailand

Lemongrass House’s exotic and authentic Thai spa products are a cult brand across Asia, which have newly arrived to the UK, both online and in their first store in Leeds. I’m hoping their next stop will be Brighton – although that may be too much for my poor little bank account which already has the whole of Dukes Lane to contend with.

Their range of heavenly smelling, essential oil enriched, eco-friendly spa products are stocked in some of Asia’s luxury spas and posh hotels, and now – my bathroom. If I close my eyes and try my hardest to ignore the noise of our manky dust clogged extractor fan, I could almost be relaxing in a spa in Phuket. 

Thai Lemongrass Shower Gel*: Made from lemongrass essential oil, green tea and aloe vera, I love using this shower gel after the gym as it’s so refreshing and invigorating! I also love the rustic little paper cap that came on the bottle lid!

Virgin Coconut Bath Milk*: Move over Lush - this is by far my favourite bath product ever!  I’ve never tried a bath milk before but it left my skin feeling incredibly soft, softer than any moisturiser ever could, and as a huge fan of coconutty smells, I was in heaven as the scent filled my bathroom!

Green Tea Hydrating Body Cream*: This moisturiser is lovely to slather on after sunbathing, with its soothing properties from cucumber, aloe vera and Shea butter. I’d describe it as more of a lotion than a cream. It’s not a particularly ‘luxurious’ pampering product compared to Soap & Glory or The Body Shop’s body butters but a great ‘every day’ type moisturiser – and it’s pump bottle is handy for handbags!

Their range extends from skincare and haircare, to a mother & baby range, home fragrancing and even pet shampoos! If the smells of my products are anything to go by, I think I’ll be treating us to one of their reed diffusers!

Will you be trying out anything from Lemongrass House? Or do you prefer to stick to brands you know and love?


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  1. This sounds amazing! I love the look of the set aswell. Green tea moisturiser is sure to awaken the deadest of skin (mine!) great post! And good luck and congrats on the cosmo nomination ^_^

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

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  2. Oh they sound really nice! I wish I could be more adventurous with skin care, but my eczema prevents it so much!!

    1. I don't know anything about eczema, but as these are all natural maybe they'd be ok? Xx

  3. Hey! I have also used the coconut bath and absolutely loved it! There is another site that I have been to called, skin tightening which has a similar product but I haven't tried it yet. Anyways, just wanted to say thanks for the post and keep it up. Also good luck on your cosmo nomination!


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