Curly Girly

On the rare occasions that I wake up with enough time to do more than quickly run the straighteners over my hair or whack it up in a bun, I love having my hair in loose, natural curls.

Despite owning a variety of different curling tools, I tend to stick to my trusty Remington straighteners to create any type of curly/wavy style... mainly because I can't be bothered switch over the plugs.

But as much as I love wearing my hair like this, there are two things that usually put me off spending the extra time laboriously styling my hair when I could be getting an extra ten mins of beauty sleep. First, that the time I reach the end of my road the curls are nowhere to be seen, and secondly that wearing curly hair seems to accentuate my damaged, split ends and fly aways. Boo. 

But recently, I discovered a solution to these problems that make an earlier wake-up call worth it - John Frieda's Frizz-Ease Perfecting Crème*. I rub the Perfecting Crème between my fingers and twist them around the curls after styling. It works its magic, replacing the natural oils that are lost through blow-drying and styling and smooths away any frazzled imperfections and dry ends -leaving beautifully smooth and shiny hair.

The crème is light-weight and leaves my hair luxuriously soft, glossy and bouncy. No crispy locks here! And, it seems to do wonders and keeping the curls in tact all day, despite the sea breeze that usually annihilates any kind of styling efforts.

Have you ever tried anything from the Frizz-Ease range? What's your top product for keeping frizzy hair at bay?

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