Favourite Five #1

This week I've been loving....

WEAR: I've been wearing my all time favourite summer dress to death! I bought it last summer in Urban Outfitters - it's my favourite colour, favourite pattern and favourite shape, and reminds me a little of Lana Del Rey (just add a chunky gold chain). Over the last two weeks I've worn it to: the Mama San party, my brother's 30th, the beach, work, and on a night out. Unfortunately it's hand wash only so clearly I've been busy doing laundry!

PAMPER: I took this Smooch Lipstick in Euro Trash* to Glastonbury, and have felt naked without it since coming home and reverting to bare lips. So I've embraced the summer vibes and been rocking a hot pink pout all week.

WATCH: I've been glued to this series of The Apprentice so on Wednesday, I was excited to settle down with a Hawaiian pizza and mid-week strawberry cider to watch Leah & Luisa battle it out in the final! I was rooting for Lusia's cupcake business to win (I LOVED her branding!) but Leah was a worthy winner too. Who did you want to win?

READ: Beth's lovely little blog, Little B, is my favourite new discovery! She's a girl after my own heart - she blogs about all my favourite things, and I love her pretty pictures! Go and check it out, I guarantee you'll love it too!

LISTEN: We've just booked tickets to go and see one of my favourite bands, The  Boxer Rebellion, so I've been listening non-stop to their new album 'Diamonds' in excitement. We're going to see them in London in October and they're coming to Brighton in February! Take a listen, they're awesome:

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  1. so sweet thankyou :) and that spotty dress is adorable! xx

  2. Love that dress on you :) Ooooh to the colour of that lippie! Such a good bright pink! This is a fun series, looking forward to seeing more :)

  3. Gorgeous dress, and the lipstick is so bright and girly! :)


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