Matthew Williamson for Benefit: 'The Rich Is Back'

I'm very excited today, not just because it's finally Friday (don't you find a four day week actually goes slower?!) but because I've just heard about a wonderful collaboration between Matthew Williamson and my all-time favourite beauty brand, Benefit! See, I told you it was exciting!

'The Rich Is Back' Palette from Benefit with Matthew Williamson. Available 15th June. Image source; Telegraph Fashion
I couldn't think of a more perfect combo.  Benefit's high quality product and notorious tongue-in-cheek packaging  blended with Matthew Williamson's penchant for prints and bold colour has resulted in this - 'TheRich Is Back', a fabulously retro, 70's inspired eye, cheek and lip palette, inthe most eye-popping packaging I've ever seen. I would be forever getting this out of my bag on the train/bus/restaurant/business meeting/anywhere possible to 'touch up' my face, just to show off the pretty packaging!

The box is a rainbow of colour and prints that you may recognise from MW's collections: multicoloured leopard print, the green hexagons and  most notably, the signature peacock feathers which are synonymous with his brand. 

And inside the box, Benefit treat us to four eye shadows (three neutrals; 'Solid Gold', 'Get Down Brown', and 'Disco Dust' and ateal 'Feel So Teal), peachy perfect 'Gimme Fever' blush, 'Inferno' lipgloss,and the cult favourite: a mini 'They're Real' mascara. The 70's vibes from this box are making me want to get down the cheesy disco room in Oceana and throw some Saturday Night Fever moves (except, I hate Oceana, so maybe not). 

'The Rich Is Back' palette has all the essentials (minus some eyeliner and powder), so it's great for chucking in your bag for those times when packing your entire beauty collection is, unfortunately, not possible. I'm thinking that this makes it a necessary purchase for my travelling adventures next year. But for only £26.50, I think that this palette is actually a bit of a steal for something designed by Matthew Williamson AND full of amazing products!  

What are your first impressions of the 'The Rich Is Back'?Are you a fan of celebrity x beauty collabs or do you think they're a bit of a gimmick? 




  1. I cannot wait to get my hands on this! I can usually resist collaborations but this one I need! X

  2. Lovely makeup!!

  3. I love mini make-up sets that are perfect for travelling!

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  4. Amazing post I want to try benefit products as I had a bad experience with the mascara and felt it made my lashes clumpy :( the blushers sound amazing though and such pretty packaging x | Shamballa Bracelet Giveaway ♥

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