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Last Saturday, I had a fun filled day of beauty, make-up and girlyness at the Brighton Blogger Meet, which had been wonderfully organised by lovely Laura from Lola and Behold.

After getting to know each other a little, we were treated to a demonstration from some of the lovely Lush girls, who made a 'Catastrophe Cosmetic' face mask in front of our very eyes! Amongst other ingredients that I am unable to pronounce (or spell for that matter), went in some fresh blueberries and rose water, creating a gorgeous smelling mask designed to combat oily and spot prone skin. Lucky for me, I rarely suffer from breakouts and have a 'normal' skin type, so the mask may not be best for me, but Matt will be giving it a try! I'm jealous as it really does smell amazing!


After some more mingling, and delving into our mega goodie bags that had been put together Laura, we headed off to Hove to watch some demonstrations at My Salon Looks. The salon was done beautifully, with iPad minis for clients to use during their treatment, and a relaxing 'oasis' room where clients get their hair rinsed, complete with massage chairs, scented candles and green mood lighting. I had a go in the massage chair and it was AH-MAZING. Can I live in there please? 

We were shown two of the salon's treatments: Tissue Lights and The Shu Uemura Experience. Tissue Lights are a new way of colouring hair, just like highlights, but using tissue instead of foil. This provides a well blended and subtle colour as opposed to the 'stripy' look that sometimes results from foil highlights. The Shu Uemura experience was a intensive oil treatment for damaged hair, applied to the roots with a sponge and combed through the lengths, resulting in noticeably silkier, shinier hair. The salon staff were all really welcoming and friendly, chatting to us and passing around bucks fizz and macaroons (which looked delicious, but I couldn't have any due to being on a strict diet - torture!) and then the lovely salon owner surprised us all with such a generous gift - the choice of a hair-dryer or straighteners! I was so grateful to receive a new hair-dryer (as mine is almost as old as me!) and with it's argan oil technology feature, it's a godsend for my dry and damaged hair!

Next, we popped into The Body Shop, where we were talked through their range of cosmetics. I never realised just how much The Body Shop contribute to good causes, but we were told all about the various charities and causes that are supported through purchasing from The Body Shop. Not only are they the leading brand fighting against animal testing, but they also responsibly source ingredients and help women in poverty by giving them employment opportunities and confidence. The Body Shop very kindly sent us all some goodies in the post, which I was eternally grateful for - Laura's goodie bag was so jam packed, I couldn't have carried another thing!

We then went for a well deserved sit down and bite to eat at Donatello's, where I ordered a whole-wheat pasta and glass of water. Rock 'n' roll! It was so nice having a good old natter with all the girls and making loads of new friends! 

Here's a little sneak peek at the incredible goody bag that Laura put together for us all. I think I have enough products to review for the next year! So stay tuned to see all the gorgeous things we got in more detail!

Have you ever been to a Bloggers Meet? If not, would you like to?

Thank you SO much to Laura for all the hard work you put in to organising a perfect day. Make sure you all check out her blog over at

All of the lovely girlies have fantastic blogs, so make sure you pay them all a visit too!

Hannah (HVA Beauty and Style), Me and Steph (Captivating Beauty)



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