The Nail Files: Mojito Madness

I'm so excited The Voice is back on our teleboxes! Although, I do much prefer The X Factor as I find The Voice a bit too boring and serious without the ridiculously-bad-they're-funny auditions! Now I'm certainly not Jessie J's biggest fan, I find her incredibly annoying (stop hugging everyone and telling them to pick you because you 'know how hard it is to be a female in this industry'. Really?!), however I am LOVING the neon green nails she's been rocking during the audition stages. So, because another nail polish is just what I need, I set about finding a slightly toned down version for myself. And this is when I stumbled across bargain of the decade- Essie nail polishes for £3.50 from

I know that Fragrance Direct do them for £1.99, but whenever I look, I find them to be quite boring, bargain bin shades. Click Fragrance, however, had an appetising variety of summery bright shades on offer, including my newest fave for Spring- Mojito Madness.

Mojito Madness is a lovely primary green, like freshly cut grass on a Spring day... (If we keep hoping, Spring'll happen eventually!). Bright enough to make a statement, but a little more wearable than Jessie J's acid green shade! I've found Mojito Madness much better than other (lighter) Essie polishes I've tried, it gives a really opaque, bold colour in one coat, as opposed to the pale pink and cream Essies I've used that take 2-3 coats. So overall, a fantastic addition to my collection!

Will you be treating yourselves to any bargain Essies from Click Fragrance? Who else is watching The Voice?


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  1. Absolutely love that colour, it looks like the perfect green! The only green polish I've tried is a kind of olive shade but I've been wanting a bright green for a while, Barry M have some beautiful ones too :) I never realised you could buy Essie cheaper from places online, gonna be hopping over to that website now :D
    Love Holly x


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