The Nail Files: Bleu Fabuleux

I've shared my love for cobalt blue before (here) so now that Spring seems to finally be in the air, I couldn't wait to adorn my nails in my favourite colour of the season! I've seen a few Instagram snaps of Nails Inc's 'Baker Street', and instantly wanted it in my collection. Sadly, I couldn't justify an £11 splurge on a nail polish (especially after the disappointment of my 'Wellington Square' drying up after only 10 months) so I went on the hunt for a suitable dupe.

It took 45 minutes of traipsing around Boots, with 'Baker Street' swatched on one nail, testing out every brands brightest blue to find one that matched the beautiful vibrancy that 'Baker Street' has. I was close to just biting the bullet and paying out the £11, as the other brands just looked murky and dull in comparison. Until, at the very last minute, I spotted the last bottle on the Bourjois stand of 'Bleu Fabuleux'... And Fabuleux it is! A beautiful, bold, bright cobalt blue, it's almost identical to 'Baker Street' but for £5.99! 

I've been wearing a lot of my new, grey cardigan and my black leather jacket recently, and love this bright blue shade as a vibrant pop of colour and also how it compliments the blue stone in my Pandora ring! Do you like the look of 'Bleu Fabuleux' or do you prefer to stick to pinks and reds on your nails? What do you think of Bourjois nail varnishes? I've never tried one before, but was really impressed!



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