Sweet Like Chocolate

There are two vices that nearly all girls have in common: pampering and chocolate. So what could be better for a luxuriously indulgent pampering sesh than chocolate smellies?

For my birthday, my friend gave me this lovely Chocomania gift set from The Body Shop. It's presented in a heart shaped tin, which when I tore the wrapping paper off, I thought was a box of chocolates- but what a lovely surprise when I took off the lid to find an assortment of chocolate scented products!

Inside the tin I found four generous travel-sized Body Shop favourites; a sugar scrub, body wash, lip butter and (my favourite) a body butter. All four products have the same delicious scent, chocolatey but not too sickly sweet. It's more like a rich cocoa smell, with a hint of musk mixed in there. Usually, I prefer fruity scents like coconut and mango, but the Chocomainia smell is warm really nice to use as a wind-down before bed. Here's the low down on the products:

The sugar scrub is luxuriously thick and oily, and contains grains of organic cane sugar to remove dead skin cells and leaves my skin feeling really soft.

Using the shower cream feels like I'm washing myself with a bottle of chocolate syrup! It releases the lovely chocolatey scent into the whole bathroom and, as it doesn't contain soap, it doesn't dry out the skin. However, I am disappointed with its latherability (yep, that's my new word) as it doesn't really foam up much in comparison to the Lush and Soap & Glory body washes that I have been using recently.

The lip butter is super moisturising and leaves my lips feeling luxuriously soft. The consistency is a bit strange though, similar to the body butters but has grainy bits in it, and also the taste isn't great! I do like the lip butter but, depending what mood I'm in, it's sometimes a little too overpowering to have such a poignant smell quite literally under your nose!

The body butter is my favourite product of the four. I have always liked The Body Shops body butters for their gorgeous scents and luxurious consistencies (Mango is my favourite) and the Chocomania one doesn't disappoint. It's buttery formula glides onto the skin easily, absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling velvety soft and smooth and smelling delicious. The Body Shop claim that this body butter provides lasting hydration for 48 hours and contains the most fair trade ingredients that they have ever used in one product! No wonder it's their best seller!

The Body Shop's Chocomania range of chocolatey goodness features some of their best selling products, such as beautifying oil and body lotion. I love the little bag of mini heart shaped soaps, I think they'd make such a cute gift. Do you like the sound of cocoa scented bath products or do you prefer your chocolate in your mouth rather than on your skin? Will you be treating yourselves to anything from the Chocomania range?




  1. Love this range they smell delicious, very tempted by the lip butter

    Mixed Beauty

  2. The packaging is soo cute and the sugar scrub sounds so good- I need to give this a go!x

  3. I got this from a friend for my birthday too - only tried the lip butter so far though.
    The Life of Emily-Alice

  4. This is soo cute! May have to treat myself!! xx

  5. This looks so good! I love the sound of the body butter. xo

  6. Mmmm these looks gorgeous :)

  7. This looks amazing! I love chocolate smelling products x

  8. These sound so nice, I'm a massive chocoholic!

    Jesss xo


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