The Nail Files: Apple Pie

I refuse to let the snow stand in my way of adorning my nails in Spring's pastel shades. Last year, I wore Nails Inc's 'Wellington Square' (a gorgeous peachy pastel coral) constantly from March until September. Now it's almost run out, I thought I'd better invest in a new pastel polish.

Model's Own Fruit Pastel Collection
Model's Own's new aptly named 'Fruit Pastel' collection features five pretty pastel shades, and each polish is scented after it's fruity namesake! The perfect, perfumed, pastel polishes (tongue twister much?!) have pretty new lids which feature retro scratch 'n' sniff stickers on the lid! All of the shades in the collection are so pretty and now that I've tried and tested out one, I will be heading back down to Boots ASAP to buy the whole range!

After much deliberation (I'm lucky it was my birthday because Matt was beginning to lose patience at how long it was taking me to pick), I purchased 'Apple Pie', which I would describe as a lovely fusion between mint green and duck egg blue. Although I've not tried it, it looks quite similar to Essie's 'Mint Candy Apple' although a little paler.

As with most Models's Own polishes, this one applies well and gives opaque coverage in two coats, though I used three- just to be sure! The apple scent is nice- even if it does smell slightly like one of those tree shaped air fresheners that you hang in your car- it's not over powering, but if you happen to have your hands near your face you do get a nice whiff. (Word of warning though, you will only be able to smell the scent once the polish is dry, do not try and sniff the me...yuck!)
Also, seeing as this post just happens to have a picture of my hand, I want to show off my beautiful new Pandora ring that Matt gave me for my birthday. Isn't it lovely? He got me my own birthstone (which is pale blue for March), but I can't wait to start layering them up- starting with a silver band.

Do you love wearing pastels on your nails? Have you tried the Model's Own Fruit Pastel collection? What are your thoughts on scented nail polishes- gorge or gimmicky?




  1. Ooo this is such a gorgeous shade, I want to try these soooo badly! I love their un-scented pastel collection, the lilac is my favourite one :)
    Your ring is absolutely beautiful!
    Love Holly x

    1. Aw thank you so much Holly :-)
      I can now confirm that this polish didn't stay scented for very long... but still a bit of fun! I NEED to get the blueberry and strawberry ones ASAP. xxx

  2. I've not seen these at all, popping into Boots for a sniff this weeked ;)

  3. I really like this shade, I tried sniffing the bottle when I first tried blueberry muffin, massive regret!

    Chloe xxxx


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