Steal Her Style: Caroline Flack in Sixties Monochrome (Part Two)

In last week's post, I tracked down an almost identical outfit to the one that the lovely Caroline Flack wore to host the Galaxy Drive In Movie event (read the post here!). Today, I'm taking inspiration from her gorgeous smokey eyed look that finished off her sexy sixties ensemble. Her makeup focused mainly on a dramatic eye; a modern twist on a sixties inspired smokey eye. She kept the rest simple and finished off the look with nude lips and a hint of bronzer.

Now, I love a smokey eye as much as the next girl. In fact, it's probably the only look I ever wear; brown for day, black for night- which has resulted in me finally owning the perfect smokey eye kit. My favourite products for creating dark and dramatic eye make-up coincidentally are all from Soap & Glory cosmetics- they're fast becoming my favourite "drugstore" brand (as much as I hate that phrase!) as they're consistent on providing high quality products for a really reasonable price. 

So- what exactly are my smokey eye favourites? 
Soap & Glory's 'Smokey Dokey' eyeshadow quad is perfect for creating a sultry smokey eye. The four shades blend together perfectly and can be used to create different levels of drama depending on which shades you choose to build on. The palette features a lilacy pale grey, a matte charcoal and a sparkly black, alongside a white shimmer which is perfect to open up the inner corners of the eye. In this look, Caroline has gone with a subtle grey shadow and concentrated more heavily on the liner.

On my lower lash line, I always use Soap & Glory's 'Smoulder Kohl' which is a really soft and creamy pencil liner. Enriched with jojoba oil, it'll come as no surprise that it's a dream to apply and doesn't irritate in the slightest. Caroline has smudged her bottom liner for a smouldering look, and the Smoulder Kohl is perfect for this because it's so soft. A smudging tool thingy (?) or a small angled brush would do the trick.

Now, onto my favourite product of (probably) all time. The 'Supercat' liquid liner pen. I've reviewed this product before (here) but just have to feature it again. It's true love. The felt-tip nib makes Caroline's winged eyeliner easy, and the intense jet black pigment stays put all day. I could rave about this product all day long, but I won't for fear of rambling. Just trust me and try it out yourselves- it's just £6 and in my opinion is better than it's Chanel alternative!

'Smokey Dokey' Eyeshadow Quad by Soap & Glory

The AMAZING 'Supercat' eyeliner!

 Add your favourite mascara (mines gotta be 'They're Real'!) and your done! Finish off the look with a sweep of bronzer on the apples of the cheeks (I love Benefit's 'One Hot Minute') and a slick of pinky nude lipstick (my daily go-to is Mac's 'Peach Blossom')

What are your favourite products for a smokey eye? Have you tried much of Soap & Glory's cosmetics range? Have I convinced you to buy the 'Supercat' eyeliner yet?!


PS: I just want to point out that this post was in no way sponsored by Soap & Glory... I just really love these products and wanted to share them with you!



  1. I love Soap & Glory! I have their lid stuff palette in What's Nude and I love it. Hadn't seen this one before this posted, tempted to try it now though ;)
    Fab post, I love Caroline Flack! xx

  2. I reeeallly need to give this supercat liner a go! You’ve definitely persuaded me!:). Loovee Caroline Flacks dress here too, I’m pretty sure its the one from Asos I’ve been lusting over for a while now!
    Lovely blog, now following :) xx

  3. Caroline Flack is so cute, love her style and her make up is flawless! I'm getfing the Benefit mascara for my birthday next month, can't wait to try it! x

  4. Soap & Glory is my favourite!
    And i'm interested in trying out the supercat :)
    Thanks for sharing all this!

    Love, x


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