Kerastraight Intense Boost Protein Mask for Extremely Damaged Hair.

On my most recent trip to Trevor Sorbie, Kate very kindly gifted me a tub of a brand new treatment to help me improve the condition of my very brittle and damaged hair. As Kerastraight's newest and most innovative product line, the 'Intense Boost' masks work miracles in repairing even the most damaged hair (even mine!) and the results last for up to 30 days.

I was given the Protein Mask, a heat activated blend of proteins that claims to reconstruct and revive extremely damaged hair. The mask's ingredients continue to work for 48 hours after application, and actually repair the damaged hair; rebuilding the hairs natural condition and improving elasticity, whilst moisturising and nourishing it to restore its natural beauty.

The secret to the 'Intense Boost' range is that it is heat activated. The product is applied as usual after shampooing, and then dried into the hair. The heat from the hairdryer opens up the hair follicles, allowing the product to deeply penetrate the hair and work its magic for the next two days. As my hair is quite long and thick, this takes me about twenty minutes, and you're then left with a weird residue feeling on your hair. Once it's almost dry, you simply rinse the product off and dry and style as usual. Here is a picture of my hair after I'd received the in-salon treatment, and you can see that it looks super healthy and smooth. Hurrah, no more pesky fly aways!

Since I've been using the Kerastraight protein mask, I've noticed my hair is far more manageable; I used to turn up to work each morning with my hair in one, giant, windswept knot and this has now reduced to just a few small tangles (which unfortunately is just a price you have to pay for living by the sea!) The condition also feels much nicer, I'm forever running my fingers through my hair- in love with how silky it feels!

The Intense Boost protein mask may come with a slightly hefty price tag at £20 per 100ml, but, as I already mentioned, each treatment should have visible results for up to 30 days meaning that one application per month is ample. The protein mask and the moisture mask (the other product in the Intense Boost line up, designed with brittle but not quite as damaged hair in mind) are available in Trevor Sorbie salons and all other Kerastraight stocked salons which you can find by clicking here.

Do you suffer from brittle or damaged hair? Or are you lucky enough to have naturally luscious locks? Will you be giving the Kerastraight Intense Boost a try?



  1. ooh i need to try this, i've got long thick hair and am always looking for new products to make my hair feel silky! x

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous in the picture! So jealous :) I could definitely do with some of this stuff :) my hair is a mess at the moment xc

  3. Ooh this sounds really good. I live by the sea as well, its a complete nightmare trying to keep your hair looking half decent when its sooo windy all the time xx

  4. I love your blog!

    Would you ming checking mine out? Im just starting

  5. This sounds brilliant! I went through a phase of having terribly damaged hair after I had it highlighted back to blonde after having it black (such a mistake!) and I couldn't even get a brush through it, but luckily with lots of intensive conditioners and hair oils the condition is much better now :) I always have to be careful with which intensive treatments I use as my hair gets greasy really easily.
    Love Holly x


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