Brighton Bloggers solve the mystery of a flawless complexion

As a self-proclaimed Benefit addict, I was super excited when I heard that the Benefit Bloggers Roadshow was hitting up Brighton! So one Thursday I ran out of the office as fast as my little legs would take me, down to The Mesmerist, where the Benefit team were waiting for our help in trying to solve the mysterious case of 'Fake Up'.... Could it be the light diffusing concealing core? Or the hydrating ring enriched with vitamin E and apple seed extract? What is it that's causing everyone's skin to look so flawless?!

Laid on as a murder mystery themed party, complete with props (think candelabras, old typewriters and magnifying glasses) we were given fruity champagne cocktails to sip on, and nibbles to nibble on (posh fish finger sandwiches and sweet potato chips- nom) whilst we uncovered the mystery of fake up.
Benefit's new hydrating concealer 'Fake Up' comes in three shades (light, medium and dark) complete with a moisturising hydrating ring. Sounds to good to be true, right? Wrong! This concealer works wonders at concealing blemishes and dark circles without any evidence of creasing or caking, whilst keeping your skin hydrated and nourished for up to six hours!

Head Make Up and Trend Artist and Brow Expert (longest title in the world) Lisa Potter-Dixon demonstrated how to apply fake up for best results using Rachael (who has the world's best job of blogging and social media-ing for Benefit- lucky girl!) as her lovely assistant. She applied the concealer in V shapes under each eye and blended upwards, vanishing Rachel's dark circles!

The plot thickened when Lisa revealed that Fake-Up can also be used to contour! She whipped out the dark shade of concealer and began drawing a line underneath Rachel's cheeks, which once blended in create the illusion of higher cheekbones and definition. After a sweep of 'Hello Flawless' powder, Rachel's complexion was glowing and flawless with an airbrushed effect... We'd solved the mystery!

We were all gifted every shade of 'Fake Up' so that we could try contouring at home (unfortunately I need to practise this so no successful pictures as of yet!) and we're colour matched for our very own compact of 'Hello Flawless' powder. Here is a pic of me wearing my new flawless complexion c/o Benefit (along with their 'They're Real' mascara, 'Porefessional', 'Browzings' and 'Fine One One' on my cheeks and lips... Told you I'm a benefit addict!)

Fake up will be available to buy nationwide on 30th March and will cost £18.50 each. I had a lovely evening getting to know all the other Brighton bloggers and can see the beginning of some wonderful friendships with these girls :-) excited for our #BtonBloggerMeet! 
Thanks to Islay for this photo :)




  1. I know what you mean about the beginnings of some beautiful friendships - I'm looking forward to catching up with you all again soon! x

  2. I just went to the london one! super fun!!



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