The Vintage Fair

As someone who is so often awkwardly overdressed for every occasion, there's something about the glamour and sophistication of the bygone era that is so alluring to me, and sometimes makes me feel like I was born a few decades too late. From the gorgeous pin up girls and Hollywood beauties, with their perfect pouts and glossy wavy locks, to the average housewife doing the chores in a pretty dress and a string of pearls, it was a time when everyone made an effort to appear polished and chic, even through the struggles of The Great Depression, World War two and the fight for feminism. And now, despite living in a culture where affordable and accessible fashion and cosmetics are readily available to us, today's standards often seem somewhat lacklustre. Anyway, I digress, enough of my rant/ probably very inaccurate history lesson...

Although I'm not particularly big on wearing vintage clothes (I couldn't pull them off, I'm not hipster enough!), I do love to incorporate some retro inspiration into my own style and beauty regimes, so when The Vintage Fair came to Brighton I couldn't wait to go and have a rummage around and soak up the atmosphere.

The fair was jam packed with some of the best vintage traders from around the UK, selling men's and women's clothing and accessories, jewellery and general bric-a-brac. My mum picked up this lovely flower hair pin for a bargain price of £2.50 (haggled down from £3), but the things that captured my attention were slightly more out of our price range; I fell in love with this 1920s Dior dress (though I couldn't really see myself walking through Brighton wearing it!) and these two stunning fifties prom dresses! I also found a gorgeous silver compact with an engraved Art Deco design, but decided I couldn't afford it...and now wish I'd just bought it! Obviously, I'm no savvy shopper when it comes to vintage finds!

But my favourite stall by far was a pop-up hair and make up parlour from the vintage hair and make up specialists, The Vintage Hair lounge, offering retro makeovers and hairstyles. The two lovely ladies running the parlour looked gorgeous with their victory rolls and red lippy, and knew everything there is to know about vintage hair and beauty trends, from the flapper girls of the 20's, to the 80's perms and beauty spots. Alongside touring the UK's vintage events to run their pop-up salon, The Vintage Hair Lounge also offers a range workshops and hen party events, as well as providing authentic vintage hairstyles and make up for weddings, films and photoshoots.

They were also selling products from the authentic vintage cosmetics brand, B√©same, whose products resemble the exact shades and formulas as the original antique products. Each of the red lipsticks are inspired by a different vintage era, from the 1920's to the 1960's, and one, Red Hot Red, is an exact replica of Marilyn Monroe's all time favourite shade. I also was tempted by the translucent loose powder, which gave a very pale, flawless porcelain appearance and felt like velvet on the skin, and unlike any modern product I have used, it is matte and brightens the complexion without a shimmer! All of B√©sames products are packaged in retro gold and red packaging, with the lipsticks presented in authentic 1940's style bullet tubes and sold in a red velvet protective bag.

Finally we headed to the vintage tea room for a cuppa, served in a cute floral china teacup and a slice of Victoria sponge. I'm surprised I managed the will power to restrain myself to one slice, just look at the cakes!

If you're a full on Vintage enthusiast, or like me, just fancy a nosey at all that the vintage eras had to offer, The Vintage Fair is currently touring the UK bringing a bit of the glamour of the Golden Age to your rainy Sunday morning near you! (visit their website here, or find your town's event on Facebook). If any of you end up visiting, I'd love to see if  you pick up any treasures! (@rosielizzybeth or in the comments!)



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