What A Girl Wants

Are you fed up of trying to hide your disappointment of the gifts your man buys you? Hate the guilty feeling of being ungrateful? Or tired of picking out your own gifts and in need of a romantic surprise? Well then get him to log on to askherfriends.com, a little Christmas miracle that will salvage relationships everywhere... with a little help from your friends.

Askherfriends.com is a new website that helps men pick out gifts for any special ladies in his life- wives and girlfriends, mothers, sisters and daughters, rejoice! Based on his interpretation of your personality and likes, the website will show him an array of gifts that it thinks you will like. And with partners such as BeautyBay.com, GlossyBox, John Lewis and Selfridges, it's not likely to disappoint. I tested out the gift finder based on my own prefrences (or what I thought Matt would say about me!) and these are some of the suggestions I was given: 

  • Gossip Girl Box Set: I've been meaning to catch up with the series for YEARS- got lost in season 3 and never had the chance to come back to it!
  • Ted Baker Bag: I've lusted over this bag since I first saw one!
  • Personalised Leather Journal: what could be more perfect for a blogger and aspiring writer?!
  • GlossyBox subscription: This truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

I don't think I could have picked better myself!

But it doesn't stop there... He can shortlist the items that he thinks you will like, before sending them to your friends who are able to comment on his choices, hopefully leaving you with a perfectly picked out present and a real surprise! I think this website is such a good idea and will result in lots of happy ladies for many Christmases to come (and birthdays, Valentine's Days, Anniversaries, Mother's Days....!)

Now if only someone could help us girls with choosing men's presents! They're all so difficult to buy for!

What do you think- would you trust your friends to give good advice? Will you be getting your boyfriends and brothers to log on for their Christmas shopping?



  1. that is probably so helpfull for our lovely lads:)


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