The Nail Files: The Vaudeville

'The Vaudeville' by Nails Inc, has to be one of my all time favourite nail varnishes. It's a clear, holographic overglaze, jam packed with chunky particles of green and blue iridescent glitter. It gives a kind of snow globe effect on your nails, and I love how versatile it is and can be used over so many colours to give completely different effects. Unlike a normal glitter, the metallic particles used in this polish lay flat and smooth on the nail and is much easier to get scrubbing for hours or picking it off with this one!

Nails Inc suggest pairing their overglazes with a dark colour underneath, which of course looks stunning and really makes a statement. This week, I'm wearing it over 'Gosfield Street', a dark teal. I think it creates a cosmic inspired look, which would look great with all the galaxy prints that are around at the moment!

Using 'The Vaudeville' as a topcoat over a French manicure adds a more subtle sparkle, which I wore loads over the summer!

'The Vaudeville' has now been discontinued, but they seem to have replaced it with 'The Wyndham' (available here), which looks identical, and 'The Donmar' (here) which is a more red toned version.

Which of these looks do you prefer? What colour would you wear underneath this type of overglaze? 



  1. Lovely nails! I am loving the Nails Inc effects nail polishes!


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