Pretty Peplums

I am loving the peplum trend that is everywhere at the moment. The frilly-waisted garments indulge in the glamour of the 1950's and create a sexy hourglass silhouette. I think they're super flattering for all shapes and sizes; they create the illusion of curves for straight up-and-down shaped girls and allow already curvy girls to emphasise their curves. For me, I love that the peplum shows off my waist whilst hiding the inevitable muffin top that usually puts me off wearing jeans! I have invested in a small collection of peplum tops to wear with jeans, and will definitely be buying some dresses and pencil skirts for work-once I get a job!



Oasis  (here)

What do you think about the peplum trend? 



  1. What a beautiful blog! I love the matalan top - so pretty and flattering.


  2. I really wish I could pull off this trend because I love it, but these type of tops look so odd on me... :/

  3. Juts came across your blog - its so lovely! My favourite was the spotty one, the colour was gorgeous!

  4. Love this! This style really flatters you, also, I'm so glad that the 50s style in back in and that girls are finally embracing their womanly figures!

  5. I quite agree with you, dearie! :))

    I just bought one that's red and black, and it looks so flattering on me! It made me amazingly happy! :)

    Btw, cute blog! :)

  6. Hi Rosie! This is another Rosie :)
    I did a post on peplums just the other day, I love the trend and think it's really flattering - all three look lovely on you! :D
    Rosie xo
    A Pocketful of Rosie


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