New Girl Season 2: Sneak Preview

Since it first hit our screens last year, New Girl has quickly become one of my favourite TV shows. I was really upset when Channel 4 pulled the plug halfway through season 1, and ended up watching the remaining episodes online (naughty). But on Tuesday the rest of season 1 will come back to e4 just in time for the premiere of Season 2. 

I've found this video of behind-the-scenes of the cast's promotional photoshoot, and it looks like another fun-filled season is in store:

And I'm delighted to see that Zooey Deschanel's wardrobe is still as gorgeous as ever, she is one of my ultimate style icons! Anyway, this was the final promo poster- the gang in their infamous bathroom, crowding around the mirror:

I can't wait to watch! What do you think of New Girl? Have you seen all of the first season, or will you be watching on Tuesday? 



  1. i absolutely love new girl not every programmae i watch and laugh out loud at but new girl defo makes me laugh! i cant wait for season 2! xo

  2. I looove this show! Best sitcom to come across the pond for a while!

    I've nominated you for a Liebster award - nice one :) pop over to my blog for the deets.


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