Rosie's Reviews: American Reunion

Last night, the UK was served up the remaining slice of American Pie, with the final portion of the teen movie franchise, American Reunion, hitting the big screen. But has the pie gone stale?

It’s been 13 years since we were first introduced to the students of East Great Falls in the original American Pie (1999), where we followed Jim, Kevin, Stifler, Oz and Finch on their desperate mission to graduate without their virginity. American Pie 2 (2001) and American Wedding (2003) shortly followed, leaving the gang as young adults. Now, nine years later, they return home for their thirteen year high school reunion, more interested in their careers and families than porn and parties, with the exception of Stifler, who remains as mischievous and hedonistic as ever. Upon their return to East Great Falls, the boys find themselves stuck between their adult responsibilities and the nostalgia of their teenage years- Jim is seduced by the girl that he used to babysit and Stifler shows the new generation who’s boss, whilst Finch still longs for Stifler’s Mom.

In true reunion style, all of the original cast make an appearance, albeit briefly. Eugene Levy shines once again as Jim’s Dad, giving a hilariously realistic drunken performance and providing Jim with more priceless father-son advice. However, Tara Reid’s whiney and boring performance as Vicky was somewhat underwhelming, and recalling her time in the Big Brother house last summer, it is questionable whether she acted or just played herself.  Seann William Scott steals the show once again as Stifler, providing plenty of laughs.

The film reminisced on some of the most iconic gags of its predecessors, but served up some fresh laughs too, and although it could be criticised as predictable, had it not followed through with the expected clich├ęs I’d only have been left disappointed. 

Has anyone seen American Reunion yet? What are your thoughts?



  1. Got back from the cinema about a hour, I was abit wary of watching it at first but have to say It's the only film in the American Pie 'Franchise' which lived up to the first two films (Wedding was abit of a let down).

    Really hope they do more, It's great seeing them grow up, I'm thinking a holidays needed in the next one.. fingers crossed there will be another.

    1. another one would be good but I just have a feeling that was the last one... it seemed to tie up all the loose ends, and the poster says 'save the best until last'.. fingers crossed though- so funny!

  2. I so badly want to see this! The films are so immature and stupid but I love em, such a guilty pleasure haha xxx

  3. I honestly feel so deprived that I've never even seen the original :p maybe now it's time to bite the bullet and go check them all out ha-ha :)


  4. I LOVEEEEED this movie, I saw it the day it came out (complete loser) and definitely think they've kept up standards on the comedy part! :)


  5. you've made it sound so much better than i thought! x


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