Kardashian Kollection

I love the Kardashians, and think that their style is always perfect, so  I was really quite excited when they launched their Kardashian Kollection clothing line, and even more excited when I saw that Sears had started shipping to the UK. However, at the moment, the collection is really disappointing, what I'd expect from a terrifying collaboration between Gap and Jane Norman! The worst part is the tees and sweatshirts with the KK logo on them- tacky! I had seen some nice things on the girls before, perhaps all the things that they wear just sell out straight away?!

BUT! All hope is not lost, as I saw a sneak peak of the new collection on Kim's blog. She posted this picture of Kylie looking AMAZING in a gorgeous royal blue polka dot shirt, and the other pieces were all just as lovely. 
I absolutely LOVE the animal print dippy hem skirt with a plain vest top and a big statement necklace, and I think the spotted blouse tucked into the stripey skirt would look amazing! Kim says on her blog that these pieces will be in Sears in June, so I will be checking back on June 1st, before all the nice bits sell out!

The collection is available at Sears and shipping to the UK costs around £20 depending on how much you spend! (expensive but maybe find some friends to do a group order and split it?)

What do you think of the Kardashian Kollection? Have you/will you be ordering anything for it?



  1. She does look so gorgeous! I am so envious of all the Kardasians hair, so lush and amazing!

    The Urban Umbrella


    1. Me too! I would so dye my hair brown just in an attempt to look like them! xxx

  2. Kylie is so pretty! How are their genes so strong and why are they all so beautiful, it's not fair! :(
    I did a review on their Kardashian Konfidential book on my blog it's such a great read and I loved it so much!
    You have a really pretty blog btw! :) Keep up the good work!

    Sharna's Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blog


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