Cupid's Cupcakes

Happy Valentine's Day! 
I'm usually a disaster in the kitchen, but wanted to attempt to make some Valentine's Day cupcakes! My Nanna bought me this book for Christmas, (probably in a desperate attempt to make me more domesticated!) and it's actually really easy to follow. All of the cakes in the book are different takes on one basic muffin mix and there are 100 different recipes to choose from including savoury and healthy options.

I used the Birthday Muffin recipe (as it looked the easiest and least ingredients!) which is just a sponge cake with butter cream icing. I was then planning on sprinkling edible sugar hearts on top, which I paid £4 for yesterday, but I lost them! So instead he's got to settle for a Haribo sweet and pink sprinkles.. but I think they look really cute! I wish I'd added red food colouring to the sponge too, to make them more Valentine's themed...

Not bad for a first attempt! Tonight, we're going to Pizza Express- they're doing heart shaped dough-balls!! Now I'm off to have a hot bubble bath and paint my nails! What are you guys doing tonight?



  1. Heart shaped dough balls in Pizza Express?!
    Might have to ditch my plans for those! Haha

    Cute cupcakes!


  2. These look delish, I could actually eat them all just looking at them! Lovely blog :) came accross it on lolainthelounge's fave blogs page and now following :) xo

  3. these are cute cupcakes i need to bake more. great blog, just started followingx

  4. This is so lovely!!!

    Love, x


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