Divine Swine

OPI Muppet's Collection 'Divine Swine'

A few months ago OPI released their Muppet's Collection and after reading some great reviews I asked for one for Christmas. I chose Divine Swine, which is a purplish magenta fine glitter with larger bits of silver glitter in it. From the pictures I had seen online, I was expecting this nail polish to have a full coverage of glitter, but after testing, I found that it only provides a sparse coverage, even with 2-3 coats. This would be fine to use as a topcoat over other colours, but it just wasn't what I was expecting. Luckily, I already owned a very similar block colour shade, 'Magenta Pearl' by Models Own, so I used this as a base colour to achieve the effect I wanted.

Magenta pearl on its own (2 Coats)
with one coat of Divine Swine over the top

When applied over the top of Magenta Pearl, Divine Swine definitely delivers what I was hoping for- pink and sparkly! The fact that it acts more as a top coat than a solid shade is actually better, as it can be used for different effects over different colours. I may try it over black?

There are loads of other fabulous shades in the Muppet's collection and I definitely want to try out some more. I love 'Warm & Fozzie',shown in this post by Sarah, I think it's the best one in the collection!
Have you got anything from this collection? Which colours are your favourites?



  1. Thanks for the mention! :) Stunning combo of colours...that Models Own polish is so pretty!

    I bought Divine Swine in a duo pack with another polish a while ago and I complete forgot I had it!


  2. the models own glitter ones are good. I got Gold Finger/NP008 at the Clothes Show and was pleasantly surprised by the coverage it provided :)


  3. I have Gone Gonzo! from this collection, I posted about it here if you fancy a look http://mldvs.blogspot.com/2011/12/opi-gone-gonzo.html :) xxx

  4. omggg divine swine looks INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS!
    ive never seen it or heard of it before though! so prettyyy xxx

  5. this is such a beautiful combo hunni, divine swine looks amazing i want this one now too haha x


  6. Love glitter polish - shame it's such a nightmare to get off though xx

  7. Oh I really like magenta! looks like such a nice polish :) x

    1. thanks! it is even better in real life! x


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