Primark Purchases

Unfortunately, I haven't found much in the way of clothes in Primark recently... everything I try on just isn't quite right! It's a real shame because I've found some things I like but just don't fit me properly. But I have picked up a few bits, including the most fantabulous shoes EVER!

Glitter Wedges £16

I absolutely love them! I'm terrible at walking in heels, especially after a few drinks, so wedges are always the safer option for me, and these are incredibly comfy. I just think they're perfect for the party season; black goes with everything, can wear tights with them without the dreaded tights/peep-toe dilemma and, of course, glitter is always a winner! These have been selling like hot cakes, so if you can't find any in your local store, there are very similar ones on eBay. A few quid more but who cares, when you could have totally amazing shoes?!
Hooded Snood £8

My second favourite purchase was this cute fur trimmed hooded snood. It's so soft and warm! It looks a bit silly with my fur coat, but I've asked my Dad for a leather jacket for Christmas, and I think it will go with it perfectly.
Headbands £1.50 each

My latest obsession confession is knitted headbands. I think they look so sweet (and incredibly useful for hiding my DIY wonky fringe fail). Primark have loads of styles in at the moment with various flowers/bows on them and in lots of different colours. I bought three....! The turquoise one and the grey one came with a silver diamant√© on the bow, but I wasn't too keen so I replaced them with some military/vintagey buttons!
Super Cosy socks £3
Lastly, I picked up a new pair of these super soft slipper socks. They're honestly the best thing for a cosy winter night in! They have a furry fleece lining all the way inside, it feels incredible on your feet! I put on my Lush foot lotion, warm up the socks with the hair dryer and then put them on... so nice! I love the fairisle snowflake print on them too! Matt and I had a pair each last year in blue and pink! I went to get him some of this years' navy ones but they'd sold out so I had to get him red... it doesn't quite have the same effect!



  1. those super cosy socks are lovely! i may have to invest in a pair :)
    laur x

  2. a lot of people are writing about Primark purchases at the moment and Im ever so jealous. :( mine is an hour away..
    love those shoes so much and your snood..
    slipper socks cannot be beaten they are a winter essential!
    good buys!

  3. Hi cool blog post and I really like ur shoes. And thanks for follwing me I followed u back :)

  4. I love the shoes...I always love shoes...your blog is following you.

  5. i love the knitted headbands!


  6. i love those socks, good old primark! x

  7. Those socks look so cosy, I need to go out and get some nice Christmassy socks!

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  8. Those wedges are gorgeous! Need to get myself some of them knitted headbands too xx

  9. ahh i love those shoes! I love wedges, they are ten times easier to walk in and it means that i dont make an idiot of myself! I also love those knitted headbands, i may have to pop down to primark to pick some up! :) xx

  10. ive been looking for a knitted head band for a while! didnt think to check primark. must go there asap! also love the buttons you chose, think i would want to do the same :)

  11. I have these, recently blogged about it
    There just amazing


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