Mulled Wine/Pink Fizz

I just popped into Boots today after work to pick up a new deodorant and there was the amazing offer to celebrate the collaboration of Dove and Nails Inc. If you spend £6 on Dove deodorant or hand or body lotion, you get a free, festive, miniature Nails Inc polish! True to Nails Inc form, the polishes have cute seasonal names- 'Mulled Wine' and 'Pink Fizz' and are also of the usual high quality that I expect from the brand. I couldn't decide between the two colours, so I stocked up on two aerosols and a roll on deodorant, and my Mum got a body lotion, to get both. I just went for the original scent as it smells so clean and fresh like the classic Dove soaps.

And look how cute and teeny the nail varnish bottles are compared to a standard sized bottle!
Left to Right: Mulled Wine, Pink Fizz, Chester Place.

Mulled Wine is more of a blackish, burgundy red without the flash and lovely for the day time. Pink Fizz is fairly true to the colour in the picture... I think it'll look really pretty with a sparkle top coat too! I've chosen to wear Mulled Wine first.

(I've been writing a lot of beauty reviews so far, but I would love to do more outfit posts too! At the moment it's really difficult without having a proper camera, and my boyfriend gets frustrated taking hundreds of pictures of me until there's one I like! I should be getting a camera for Christmas though, so expect to see more fashion related posts in the New Year! I buy way too many clothes, so I can't wait to share them with you all as I love looking at other bloggers style!)



  1. Nice nails, if you check out my blog I just did a nails post

  2. Mulled wine looks a bit like their Picadilly Circus!! Love both of the polishes you got. xx

  3. These are really pretty colours :) I agree, I think Pink Fizz would look gorgeous with a glitter top coat.

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  4. They're both really pretty colours, I love mulled wine. Looking forward to some outfit posts!xxx

  5. love the mulled wine.. pink fizz is too pink for
    deff go with the glitter to season it up tho! :)
    looking forward to your outfit posts..

  6. Great deal you got there. Such pretty classic colours :)

  7. I love all those pretty colours


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