Christmas Glossybox

This month I received my very first Glossybox, and it was their special edition, red, Christmas box. For anyone who has been living under a rock and not heard of Glossybox, it is a monthly subscription box full of five high end products, usually of a trial size to test out and find out about new brands. The packaging is so gorgeous and it was very exciting to open.

The first thing I opened was a blush and eyeshadow palette from 'Blink+Go'. It contains six eyeshadows, (which are all shades I would have chosen!) two blushes, and a double ended applicator. The colours of eyeshadows in the palette are perfect for creating brown or grey smokey eyes.They all have a soft shimmer and are highly pigmented so there's no need to spend ages trying to build up a solid colour. They apply smoothly and feel of a nice quality. The blushes are in a barbie pink and a coraly, orangey, peach shade. I do love the colours, but in my opinion the blushes are way too pigmented, and they come out really bright on your face. I think a larger brush would perhaps soften the application, but I can't fit a large brush in the palette! I will definitely be using the eyeshadows on a daily basis but I think the blushes will be kept for nights out... or fancy dress....!

Next, I opened Rituals Foaming Shower Gel. I used this last night and it's amazing! It's a gel that foams up similarly to shaving foam and it feels really luxurious and thick. The Rose and Almond scent is nice and not too sweet, and it lingers on your skin, and in the bathroom, for a while after use. It left me feeling really clean and pampered and my skin was left feeling noticeably smooth. This was a full size product and it's available in other scents. I will definitely be buying one of these in the future, (once I've got through my Soap&Glory Big Splendour box!) I love it.

I also received a teeny pot of Bionova Eye Wrinkle Treatment Cream. I've never used any type of anti-wrinkle cream before, and didn't think I needed to at the grand old age of twenty. I was planning on giving it to my Mum, but it says that it's designed for 25-39 year olds skin type, so I gave it a try. Its a nice consistency, not at all greasy and has a nice, neutral scent. Obvs can't see any results yet as I have no wrinkles...but it did make me feel really fresh and awakened.

My two favourite products in the box were a Cargo lip gloss, and a Deborah Lippman nail varnish with a nail varnish remover sachet. The lipgloss I got, called 'Serengeti' is a really natural colour with a very subtle sheen to it. It doesn't feel too sticky in comparison to other brands but inevitably, as a gloss, it is a little sticky. I'm not usually a lip gloss person but I think I will be giving this a fair bit of use as it looks natural but glamorous. 

The Deborah Lippman nail polish in 'Razzle Dazzle' is lovely and so perfect for the party season! It's a burgandyish pink glitter which looks good on its own, or as a topcoat. In the picture above, on my first nail I used it over the top of the free Nails Inc Mulled Wine (posted here) that I got the other day, and on the second nail it is used alone. There isn't that much difference in colour but the Mulled Wine underneath does add a blackish tone, which I really like. Also included was a sample of 'Stripper to go' nail lacquer remover finger mitts. They are actually the best things I have ever used! It's a miniature little mitt you pop on your finger and use to take off your nail polish. I tried it out on a pesky glitter and it got it off easily and in seconds. It also is lavender scented :) I'm certainly going to buy some more of these immediately. I hate being out and having my nail polish chip and they'll be so handy to keep in my bag for emergencies! And also the lavender smell won't offend anyone in the library/on the bus/etc.

Overall I'm very pleased with my Glossybox. I ordered it using a 50% off code from Sara at Pretty in Pink. (check out her blog if you haven't already, it's a really good read) but I cancelled my subscription straight away as I can't really afford to spend £12 a month on something that I may not even want/like... but after receiving this first box I am very tempted to re-subscribe! Who gets a Glossybox every month? Is it generally worth it? If you got different things in your Glossybox, post a link in the comments to your blog... would love to see what everyone else got!



  1. I agree with you- the mit is so handy and actually smells good! I still struggled a bit taking off the nail varnish though...the only downside to glitter varnishes! xxx

  2. So jealous of the eyeshadow and blush palette, that is such a good product to receive! And of course the Deborah Lippmann nail polish!

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog Rosie! The Mememe product I had in my box is a base moisturiser- smells lovely! Following you :-)xxx

  4. hi Rosie,
    I hope your dad's present has arrived safely, what i ordered should be arriving today :)

    Just wanted to let you know that i don't actually have a twitter account, but if i ever get one i'll be sure to add you :)
    p.s your glossybox looks to be really good this month!

  5. I love the nail polish colour! btw, new follower here :)

  6. I subscribed to two boxes and have now cancelled.. Was a nice treat and did get to try some lovely products, but its also hit and miss if they are products you can use regardless of how small the pot, its still £12 that you could save a month..
    Sounds like the Christmas box was a hit with most people..

  7. ive just subscribed to glossbybox! cannot wait to recieve it!

    Danniella x

  8. I love the nail polish so pretty for this time of year.

  9. Oh wow! I also want to know how to subscribe for these treats. I would also like to take advantage of these goody packs and if you are looking for the antiwrinkle treatment offer affordable options.


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