Brown Eyed Girl: FashionistA Custom Eyeshadow Palettes

I've experimented with many cheap brands in the past, but have always found cheap eye make-up in particular to be very hard to use due to its chalky/rubbery texture and difficulty to apply and blend. I have also suffered from skin irritation from cheap make up and therefore have shied away from it and stuck to trusty old MAC. However it seems that recently, bargain brands such as MUA and newly launched FashionistA have upped their game and are producing some really good quality make-up. I tested some of the FashionistA eyeshadows last week when I bought the magnetism nail varnish (posted here) and just had to go back and get some!
There is a wide range of colours and finishes available at £4 each, or if you buy three, you can get a fourth one free, all to pop into a free four pan palette, in a choice of red or black, complete with a large mirror! The blusher pans also fit into the palette, so you can mix and match to your hearts content! I opted for four brown-toned eyeshadows. 

Top: Double Take Cosmic, Subtle Glamour
Bottom: Double Take Bella, Brunette Bombshell

The two 'Double Take' shades on the left of the palette are two-toned baked eyeshadows. All of these marbled effect shadows are described as 'Double Take' and also have their own unique shade name. 'Cosmic' is a dark brownish grey with flecks of metallic silver and gold. 'Bella' is a pearlescent goldish cream with a metallic gold running through it. The two shades on the right hand side are 'Subtle Glamour', which is a shimmery pale brown and makes an ideal colour for a natural eye or as a base shade. 'Brunette Bombshell' is a very dark brown with a touch of sparkle and creates a glamorous, metallic brown smokey eye.

Left to Right: Double Take Bella, Double Take Cosmic, Subtle Glamour, Brunette Bombshell

Double Take Bella, Subtle Glamour and Brunette Bombshell.
(17 Liquid Eyeliner, Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara, Mac Studio Fix Foundation in NW20, Mac Wonderwoman Blush in  Mighty Aphrodite)

Considering my past experiences with cheaper brands, I am very surprised by the quality of these eyeshadows...I would even go as far to say that they are almost on a par with Mac! They're highly pigmented, pick up on the brush well, glide on smoothly and blend exceptionally. I've been wearing it all day today, without an eyeshadow primer- its stayed on really well and hasn't creased at all. Next time I think I should experiment with some brighter colours!

Have you tried any FashionistA make up yet? What do you think of bargain vs. high end brands?




  1. Your makeup turned out really nice. & the fact that it wasn't pricey is really cool!

  2. Hi I really like ur blog and it would mean a lot if u checked out my blog and if ur interested in following me i follow back :)

  3. absolutely LOVE the colours you chose in the end!

    beautiful picture of you modelling it too

    fiona x


  4. wow your good at make up! you look amazing!! the brown palate is beautiful and even better if it was reasonably priced!LOVE!!

  5. Lovley colours, Armani do simillar ones for a much higher price! your eyes look lovely :o) x


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