Four Ways to Wear...

I found this lovely t-shirt in Warehouse last week and had to have it! I love the colours in it and I think the vertical pattern is quite slimming. I also just can't get enough of aztec/fairisle prints at the moment! Anyway, when I got home, I found so much stuff that goes with it perfectly and have decided it is a very versatile piece. You can completely dress it up or down and I think it would suit any type of look you may be going for. It's only £25 as well which I think is a bargain for a good quality t-shirt that you can create so many different outfits with!

Headband, 'Cherry' Jeans, Wedge boots- Oasis
Necklace- Oasis (last season)
Bracelet- Pandora
This is my casual look that I would wear to uni or shopping, with a black parka or a chunky cardigan over the t-shirt. The wedge boots are my favourite shoes this winter (can't see them too well here but I think they deserve a blog post of their own! I love!) I also have my eye on this pair of burgundy skinnies which would look fab with this top!

Shorts- Topshop
Fishnet tights- Oasis
Boots- Rocketdog @ Barrats
This look is my 'rock chick' gig look, although at the moment I have put on loads of weight so I would probably be more likely to wear a black bodycon skirt or some darker/black denim shorts, with my black fur cropped jacket to keep warm! I would go for really dark smokey eyes and big but feminine hair with this outfit when I wear it out!

Skirt- New Look (last season)
Shoes- George at Asda (old)
Bangle- Accessorize (last season)
Necklace- Oasis (last season)
I got so excited when I realised that this skirt and bangle perfectly match the colours in the top! The skirt looks like it was made to go with it! I guess I would wear this outfit to a club, as most of the Brighton nightclubs are fairly casual. I don't really like the shoes with this outfit but I don't own any better options at the moment. I've seen the most amazing wedges in Primark which I NEED in my life, but they don't have my size! They are black suede/satin (?) with a round toe and a really high wedge which is covered in black glitter! If Primark still don't have my size by this weekend I think I am going to buy some from eBay which are identical but more expensive.

Skirt- H&M (last season)
Pumps- Primark
Belt- Oasis (last season)
This outfit is the most 'me', I love wearing skirts/dresses with a waist belt as I find it the most flattering style for my shape. This H&M skirt is such a great wardrobe staple for me, I wish I had bought it in more colours at the time...hopefully they'll have them again next summer. I wore this outfit into town last week with my cream fur coat and a teal knitted headband.

I hope everyone reading has enjoyed my first proper post :) and please feel free to leave feedback in the comments as I'm new to all this! Also I'm sorry for the rubbish quality photos, but I lost my camera at a wedding so will have to make do with my Blackberry and webcam for now! Can't wait to blog again :) but for now I need to make a cuppa and make a start on my uni work!

Rosie xoxo



  1. Love the bottom two outfits especially! Your hair looks so nice. Do a post about how you wear it and what products you use! Xx

  2. My favourites are number 1 & 3 :) I like the statement necklace in the first outfit & the clashing colours in the third outfit. Also loving the black & gold shoes! :)

    Natalie x


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