All That Glitters Is Gold...

Whilst organising my nail varnish box, I re-discovered these forgotten beauties that I got for Christmas last year-Nails Inc's Glitterati Collection. Aren't they lovely?!
I decided to opt for the rose gold/bronze shade, 'Chelsea Square' as I think it's the most suited for day wear. It's quite a toned down shade for a glitter polish which makes it perfect for those grey winter days that need an injection of Christmas sparkle! The silver is just a bit too sparkly and would be far more suited for a night out, or, I experimented with it as a ring finger accent nail teamed with matte white polish on the other fingers which was very 'winter wonderland' themed! (I didn't take a picture as the white that I had was a bit streaky and cheap, but when I get some better white polish (any recommendations?) I will do it again and post!) 

It gives a pretty full coverage of glitter with just two coats which is fabulous compared to most glitter polishes which take about 6 thick coats and go all gloopy and take ages to dry! Nails Inc is one of my favourite brands as its such good quality and they have so many gorgeous colours. I also love how all the shades are named after places in London. The silver one is called 'Electric Avenue' and the purple is 'Park Lane'.

Chelsea Square and Electric Avenue are still available separately on the Nails Inc website, but they've re-released the Glitterati Collection  for this Christmas, including a bright gold and a deep shade of purple.  (which I far prefer to the lilac Park Lane... wah!) 
Speaking of glittery stocking fillers, I have added yet another nail polish to my Christmas list! OPI have released the Muppet's Collection, a range of glitter and shimmer shades which draw inspiration from, and are named after the Muppets! The best name has to be "The Fresh Frog Of Bel Air" (a green glitter) but I've asked my brother for Miss Piggy inspired "Divine Swine", it's so fun, I love it!
What beauty products are on your Christmas wish lists?




  1. Brilliant re find for this time of year! :)
    Estele lauder foundation, clarins hand cream are 2 items on my beauty list.. very excited for this crimbo. :)


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