Say 'Yes to Tomatoes' and Charcoal!

They're more commonly loved in ketchup, soup or Bloody Mary form, but it turns out tomatoes are are a wonder skincare ingredient too.

Why? They're rich in anti-oxidants, including Lycopene, which blocks any nasties from entering your pores - keeping the complexion clear. So that's why fruit & veggie based beauty brand Yes To has dedicated an entire product line to this super fruit.

The 'Yes To Tomatoes' product range pairs tomatoes with another skincare saviour - activated charcoal. I learnt from my recent juice cleanse that activated charcoal detoxes the digestive system, but I didn't know it's great for detoxing the skin too. The combination of tomatoes and charcoal work together in harmony to cleanse and protect the complexion.

Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Cleanser

At first, it feels odd to rub black stuff all over your face in order to clean it, but as soon as the product hits your skin, you forget all about the strange colour. The gel lathers up instantly into a freshly-scented, creamy foam, and contains natural jojoba spheres to gently exfoliate the skin whilst cleansing (plus they don't pollute the oceans like those nasty microbeads!)

The cleanser feels incredibly refreshing and leaves the skin feeling super clean, and surprisingly light - I suppose because it's been stripped from all those impurities that clog up your pores throughout the day. I can also notice a brighter and smoother complexion instantly.

But the downside of this cleanser is that the packaging is terrible! As the cleanser lathers up so nicely, you only need a really tiny amount at a time, but the bottle dispenses great big blobs of product - I always end up trying to 'suck' a bit back in! It's such a shame that the design of the bottle lets this product down, because otherwise it's a really lovely cleanser that smells and feels gorgeous and leaves skin visibly brighter and clearer after each use.

£8.99 from FeelUnique

Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask

For an even deeper cleanse, Yes To have combined this miracle duo of tomatoes and charcoal into an intensive mud mask. The mask has got a thick and creamy consistency that feels really luxurious and a spa-like scent, so you can sit back and completely relax for ten minutes whilst it works it's magic on the skin. 

The mask is pleasantly cooling and calming, it doesn't set too quickly or become 'tight', and washes off easily (although making a muddy mess on the sink!) 

I can tell that the activated charcoal really is removing all the gunk and grime from my pores, as I'll generally break out into (small and inoffensive) blemishes the morning after use. This is a good thing, as it's just the impurities escaping from my skin, and the blemishes don't hang around for more than 24 hours. The rest of my complexion is left bright, fresh and smooth - the addition of chamomile calms any redness and imperfections.

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Why I love BodyPump

Recently I've been really enjoying BodyPump - it's quickly gone from being my most hated, to my favourite workout of the week. 

Why? Because, unlike cardio classes, the differences in my body are far more noticeable - and that's always an exciting thing! My shoulders are rounder, my arms have more definition, my legs are more toned, I am stronger and can add more and more weight to my bar each week (and with each extra little yellow plate comes a little feeling of victory!)

Also, it's nice to come out of the gym and not be completely drenched in sweat - although it's still a hardcore full body workout - it's not a full-on sweat out like Body Attack or Zumba!

I do BodyPump 2 - 3 times per week alongside other classes, and it really compliments the cardio exercise. Whereas jumping around for an hour burns major calories, BodyPump sculpts, tones and strengthens, in turn making the high intensity training a little easier, so I can push myself even harder. 

Thinking of trying it out for yourself? Read on...

What is Body Pump?

It's a weight-lifting group exercise class, and yes I know that sounds terrifying. But it's really much better than it sounds, I promise. 

At the start of each class, you set up your station with a step, a mat, a pair of dumbbells and a barbell with your choice of weighted plates depending on your strength. 

The class is split into ten tracks, each targeting a different muscle group, and goes like this:

1. Warm Up
2. Squats
3. Chest
4. Back
5. Triceps
6. Biceps
7. Lunges
8. Shoulders
9. Abs
10. Cool Down

Each routine is set to music, and the movement of the weights is varied to fit in time with the music and work the muscles differently. For example, you might do a combination of slow reps, fast pulses, lifting up slow and dropping back down fast (or vice versa) - kind of like a little dance routine based on weight lifting moves. 

As the class focuses on high repetitions and long sets (you keep going for the duration of an entire song), you use lighter weights than you might in the gym, where you're likely to be doing three short sets of ten reps with heavier weights. 

Like all the Les Mills programmes, Body Pump has a new set of tracks and routines released every three months - so you always have new music and new exercises to stop it from getting boring. The instructors will usually mix and match music from past releases too, so the classes tend to be varied every week. 

The class is filled with people of all ages, shapes and sizes - men and women, young and old, whether muscular, skinny or carrying a few extra pounds.

But I don't want to look like a female Body Builder...

You won't! It's a complete myth that women who lift weights will bulk up and look like Jodie Marsh circa 2012  - to get to that you'd need to be taking all sorts of supplements and lifting crazy heavy weights (and absolutely no pizza). 

In fact, lifting weights can help you to slim down. The more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolism is - meaning that even when you're at rest, your body will be burning fat at a higher rate. Cantara from GymBags and Gladrags has summed up  5 reasons why women should lift weights, so check out her post if you have any concerns about weight training.

Have you done BodyPump or are you interested in trying it out? What's your favourite way to workout?
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05.07 - I spent a day off with my mum, she brought me these beautiful sweet peas from her garden and then we went for lunch at Foodilic.

12.07 - Doggysitted Lola the frug (that's a French Bulldog x Pug) for a few days, and took her to work with me. She decided to hop up on my lap and help me with the email marketing.

16.07 - Finally we had a few sunny days of summer. Rich and I went and sat on the beach in Hove for a few hours.

16.07 - We stopped off for an iced coffee at Small Batch on the way home. Hanging baskets and coffee in a mason jar... it had to be instagrammed.

23.07 - Tried to catch a bit more sun at Preston Park Rock Gardens, my favourite little hideaway in Brighton. I was also super pleased to fit back in last summer's shorts!

24.07 - Protein pancakes after a two hour Sunday morning workout! Made using Protein World's vanilla Slender Blend which tastes delicious! Tastiest protein I've ever used!

24.07 - Spent the afternoon at a pom-pom and prosecco party, which involved making paper pom poms and tasting prosecco for Laura's wedding.

30.07 - Had a lovely day out with Rich's family on Brighton Pier and wandering around the lanes with a Sea Salt Caramel Boho Gelato.

31.07 - Sunday Lunch (with prosecco of course).
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My favourite nude lipsticks

I'm not very adventurous when it comes to lip colours. I always end up buying a new variation of a nude, peach or neutral pink - and of my vast collection, these are my favourite; a matte finish, a sheer balm and one with a glossy shine. 

Mac Matte Lipstick in Honey Love

Mac offer their fair share of gorgeous nude lipsticks, some of my favourites being Creme d'Nude and Peach Blossom, but my absolute favourite is Honey Love. It's a good, lighter, alternative to Velvet Teddy for those of us of a paler skin tone. It's a light beige tone with a velvety matte finish.

Bare Minerals Pop of Passion Lip Oil Balm in Nude Passion* 

This tinted lip balm is infused with oils, so it's really moisturising whilst being comfortable and lightweight to wear.  'Nude Passion' is a brownish pink that just adds a touch of colour and subtle sheen to the lips. 

NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Biscayne Park

This is the perfect peachy pink tone with a wet-look shine. It's got a silky smooth texture that's comfortable and hydrating and, like all NARS Lip Pencils, the colour is long lasting. I find the Satin finish doesn't last as long as the matte pencils, but it's pretty good.
The downside, is the roughness left around the nib after sharpening - despite doing it with the proper NARS lip pencil sharpener. This makes application a little scratchy, but the beautiful colour is totally worth it.

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Smashbox Contour Kit

I’ve never really got the whole contouring thing. Controversial maybe, but the idea of caking on foundations in shades too dark for your skin tone, to create sharp, angular cheekbones just wasn’t doing it for me. 

Don’t get me wrong, I tried to love it and I tried it all - Sculpting palettes, Clinique chubby sticks, The Body Shop's Instaglow CC Creams - but I found the look far too harsh (and let’s be honest, 9 times out of 10 I ended up with that dreaded brown streak down each cheek). 

Having failed so drastically with a range of different cream/liquid based products, I’d lost all interest, but it turns out I’d just been using the wrong products all along. 

Killing time in Boots one lunchtime, I let the girl on the Smashbox counter loose on my face. I just wanted a bit of bronzer, but she insisted she’d teach me how to contour. Sceptical, but with nothing better to do, I agreed, and that’s when I saw it: the Smashbox Contour Kit (Contour Queen Kimmy K’s palette of choice, no less!) 

The palette has three dreamy powders (a contour, bronzer and highlight) that are the perfect shade for my skin tone, with a soft and buttery texture. But no matter how great a product, it’s useless without the right tool for the job, so I love that the kit also includes a dainty, fluffy, angled contour brush. 

The Smashbox lady showed me how to use the brush properly, using different angles for the different shades, and exactly where and how to apply the product for a soft, natural-looking contour. After she made one side of my face look about 10lbs slimmer, she passed me the brush to try the other side, and surprisingly - I did it! 

How to Contour with the Smashbox Contour Kit:

  1. Use the pointy tip of the brush to pick up some contour powder, tap off the excess (it’s pigmented so you only need a tiny amount) and delicately dust into the hollows of your cheeks (duck face compulsory). 
  2. Use the flat edge of the brush in the bronzer shade and apply just above the contour, blending the shades together for a softer effect
  3. Use the flat edge of the brush in the highlight (I’m a bit more liberal with this as I love a good highlight!) and sweep under the eyes and up the cheekbones. 
  4. Take the highlight underneath the contour shade to make the contour pop
  5. Using the pointy tip of the brush in the contour powder, apply a very very small amount either side of the bridge of the nose
  6. Highlight down the centre of the bridge of the nose and blend well.
  7. Lightly dust bronzer around the hairline and under the jawline
  8. Finish off with a little highlight on the middle of forehead and chin

And if you want to use blush too, just a small amount on the apples of the cheeks only! 

Also included in the kit is this handy guide to identifying and contouring different face shapes - I have a ‘heart shape’ face and find the steps above work perfectly on me, but different shaped faces will need to apply the product slightly differently for the best effect. 

The velvety soft powders blend together flawlessly and melt into the skin so you’re not left with any cakey-ness or harsh, angular lines - just a soft, glowy play on light and shade for killer cheekbones. 

Can you contour?

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LoveFit Cafe... guilt free, healthy takeaway burgers

As the saying goes 'You can't out-train a bad diet'. Even nine exercise classes a week (yep, that means two on a Saturday and Sunday) can't counteract my addiction to Deliveroo burgers... With a trip to Barcelona looming and the top button of my jeans close to bursting, I'm trying to cut back (again) on the naughty food at the moment, so Deliveroo adding the LoveFit Cafe to their site couldn't have come at a better time! 

LoveFit Cafe are a great option for gym-goers and those watching their weight, because their menu lists the calories, macros and even Weight Watchers points of every dish. Often when ordering from a restaurant, even when you try pick the healthiest choice, there are sneaky extra calories hiding in the sauce, or the cooking method, so it's amazing to be able to feel in control of what you're eating. 

In the LoveFit cafe itself, you can order pancakes, breakfasts, jacket potatoes, wraps etc but they're now Deliveroo-ing their burgers and 'Protein Platters' (essentially healthy Nandos - lean chicken and a side of your choice) all over Brighton! Ideal for when you want a healthy dinner that you don't have to cook... which for me is all the time. 

So last night I swapped my normal Saturday night takeaway for a LoveFit 'Surfer Burger'. I chose the Chicken & Bacon option; a naked chicken breast, garnished with with a rasher of smoked lean bacon, a slice of Emmental cheese and homemade BBQ sauce inside a Dr Zak's protein bun. with a rocket and parmesan side salad.

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Better late than never...

03.06 - Kitty came to stay! She may look all cute and adorable here with her little pink nose and her little pink paws, but she also knocked my MacBook off the table, woke us up for food every morning at 4am, and escaped out of the window! 

04.06 - The only sunny day of June (it feels like anyway) was spent lying in the park and painting my nails in Essie's Bikini so Teeny to match the sky. 

05.06 - Brunch with Laura from What Laura Did Next at Sugardough! This smashed avocado, feta and mind on sourdough bread was just glorious! 

06.06 - A girl can only own so many blue and white striped tops, so I got a yellow and white striped top instead!

10.06 - Beautiful seasonal posies in jam jars for sale outside Hove station. 

11.06 - Showing off my St Tropez spray tan and Essie 'Barbados Blue' pedicure

11.06 - I paid a visit to the revamped Beauty Shed - click here to take a look around. 

24.06 - Finally tried a Five Guys after my big work event in London (which is why I've been so distant from my blog this month!) It was SO worth it. 

30.06 - Fell in love with this little place around the corner. It's called 'Rose Cottage' so I think I'm destined to live there one day!

Follow me on Instagram: 

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A tour of The Beauty Shed

Regular readers will know all about my favourite little beauty retreat by now. But for those who don't I'll get you up to speed: The Shed is home to a physio clinc, a cafe, gift shop and beauty salon all under one roof, and is tucked away in a secret corner of Hove. 

But a lot has changed at The Beauty Shed since my last visit. Gel manicures, St Tropez Luxe Oil Spray Tans (for just a tenner!!) and an all-in-one facial/back/neck/shoulder/foot massage have all been added to the treatment menu, and there have been some major renovations going on - so let me show you around. Come on in....

The outside of The Shed has been transformed, and a welcoming shop front with French doors, potted plants and table & chairs has replaced the industrial garage door that used to disguise what lay behind it. 

There's a new, larger reception/cafe area that feels much more welcoming. Here's where you can pop in for a spot of lunch, or local workers can grab a mid-afternoon coffee and cake. I wish I worked nearby because I'd be having one of those Acai Smoothies for breakfast every day!

The Shed's interior is just dreamy, and luckily, all the items and artwork on display are available to buy. There's gorgeous kitchen & homeware from Garden Trading, nature-inspired art from Jarvis Weaver, Cakes in a Can and Scottish Fine Soaps. I bought my Mum the 'Au Lait' bath milk powder for Christmas last year and she loved it and the cute little milk churn tin it comes in! 

Also downstairs is the main gym, where Nikki Penny (the owner of The Shed) runs her physiotherapy sessions and rehabilitation clinic, and a small treatment room. When not in use for a sports massage, Georgie the beautician uses this room for spray tans. She offers a range of St Tropez tans, all for just £10 which is unbelievable value! I had the new St Tropez Luxe Oil which gives a really natural golden glow and has a nice citrusy scent. 

But it's upstairs that I love the most. There's a little chill-out area on the landing where the shopping temptation continues. There's cute Catseye cosmetics bags, Davines haircare, Bee Good and Green & Spring skincare. 

And then there's the Beauty Shed...

The Beauty Shed treatment rooms are homely and intimate, and you'll only ever be in there on your own (or with your friends) - so no annoying other people. There's just one beautician, Georgie, who is the loveliest, friendliest girl and so easy to talk to. No awkward 'hairdresser' conversations with her - she's very down to earth. All the treatments she offers are incredibly affordable, and if you choose from the 'A la Francais' menu, everything is just £10! 

I love The Beauty Shed's Essie manicures, but I'm so pleased that Georgie is now offering Gel nails too, for when you need something a bit more resistant! I chose a beautiful rose gold shimmer which looks amazing with my new golden tan! I also had a luxury pedicure, with a foot scrub, mask and finished off with Essie Barbados Blue (a metallic baby blue which I need to add to my collection! This happens every time...) 

I also tried out the new all-in-one massage; a 30 minute back, neck and shoulder massage using Green & Spring aromatherapy oils, followed by a 30 minute Green & Spring facial, and while the face mask is on I had a lovely foot massage. I love Green & Spring's skincare line, not only does it smell incredible but my skin always looks so radiant and fresh after using it. I want to buy the cleanser to take home, next time I'm in.

I recommend The Beauty Shed to literally everyone I know - it's a real hidden gem! If you're local, and you haven't been - seriously, what are you waiting for?! They're having an Open Day on June 22nd, so pop in for some skincare tips with Georgie and a bite to eat! (Find out more here)

Even if you're not local, but visit Brighton for day trips, I'd recommend you set a couple of hours aside for a little pamper sesh! You're not gonna get a gorgeous golden tan on Brighton beach...

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Juicytox: a four day juice cleanse

So, I've officially lost my mind and voluntarily signed up for a four day juice detox. For the next four days I'm going to be consuming only juice, lemon water and herbal tea. 

About Juicytox: 

Juicytox provide a range of juice cleanse programmes that provide the digestive system with an entire break in order to improve energy levels, clear skin, reduce bloating and improve the immune system. Their juices are made from the freshest fruit and veg, and are delivered to your door (by hand if you live in Sussex, or by courier to elsewhere in the UK) twice throughout the programme, to ensure optimum freshness. I'm doing the 'Premium Cleanse' which looks something like this:
8am - ginger shot
9am - Drop Veg Gorgeous (cucumber, celery, spinach, kale, pineapple, pear & lime)
11am - Bright Eyes (carrot, apple, orange, lemon & ginger)
1pm - Spicy Lemonade (lemon, lime, agave nectar, cayenne pepper & activated charcoal)
3pm - more Drop Veg Gorgeous
5pm - Sweet Beets (beetroot, pineapple, lemon, carrot & apple)
7pm - Almond Mylk (dates, cashews, vanilla, agave nectar, cinnamon & sea salt)
There are also 3 herbal teas to have throughout the day, including a night time tea to have before bed.

Why am I doing this to myself? 

Although I go the the gym every day, and eat well during the week, at the weekends I binge on junk food, and despite the amount of exercise I do, I've put on some weight. Going forwards, I'm going to make a conscious effort to hold back on the treats at the weekend and stick to just a cheat meal or two, and in order to do this I felt a detox was in order. I'm hoping the juice cleanse rid my body of those addictive additives and sugars, shrink my appetite, and kick start weight loss.

I write this on Monday evening, just about to eat my last solid meal until next weekend (quorn sausages, beans and peas - if you were wondering). I'm feeling a little scared; I'm worried my hanger will take over and I'll be a total bitch to my boyfriend and co-workers, I'm worried I won't be able to concentrate at work and I'm really not looking forward to taking four days off exercise. But, I'm looking forward to the boosted energy levels, the weight loss, and the Cashew Mylk - which actually sounds pretty yummy! 

Over the next four days, I'll keep a diary of how I'm getting on, and I'll post the results (complete with before and after pictures, eek). See you on the other side! 

Day 1: 

  • 8am ginger shot is actually quite nice and refreshing
  • 9am - first green juice down, tastes fine, but instantly waiting for the next one 
  • 1pm - I was expecting the black one to be the worst but it actually tasted really nice! Cloudy lemonade, can't taste the cayenne pepper or the charcoal (just a powdery texture)
  • Clock watching for next juice....
  • Beetroot one not too bad either!
  • Cashew Mylk is really nice as expected
  • Conked out at 7.30pm (watching my online lecture, oops. Got to catch up on that now!)
  • Woke up at 10pm to drink my night time tea and watch Made in Chelsea
  • Slept through until 7.30 like a baby. 

Day 2:

  • Walked to work as normal, feeling well rested and energetic
  • I was told to expect caffeine withdrawal headaches, but I feel fine.
  • I take back that the beetroot one isn't that bad. It's rank.
  • Came home to find my second batch on the doorstep. Oh joy...
  • My mum's cat (that we're looking after) escaped out of the window. I felt sick and shaky with worry and absolutely physically exhausted chasing her around the garden until 11.30pm.
  • Cat back safe and sound. Fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. 

Day 3:

  • Again walked to work feeling fine - was worried I'd have no energy for my daily uphill powerwalk!
  • Colleagues say I look radiant and glowing!
  • I'm not hungry, but this is just really bloody boring.
  • I swear these juices are tasting worse by the day. The orange one just made me gag. 
  • More compliments on my glowing skin! Woohoo!
  • The beetroot one is TRULY horrendous. 

  • Am I thinner yet? 
  • Fell asleep at 7.45. Missed the end of Eastenders, boo. 

Day 4: 

  • It's Friday, got MJ on the iPod and wearing a black pinafore dress that was too tight last week! Feeling prettyyyyy great. 
  • Can't wait until tomorrow - Zumba and food!
  • Quite enjoyed my last Black lemonade, but can't deny I'm pleased it's the last one.

  • Detested my last beetroot juice. THANK GOD THAT'S OVER. 
  • Lunch time trip to M&S Food Hall to stock up for the weekend! Pesto pasta baby!!!! Woop woop!
  • I had my Cashew Mylk at 7 to finish the programme, but really worried about fainting at the gym tomorrow - I'm booked in to Zumba and Body Sculpt at 9am, so at about 9pm I had a tiny slice of toast, a few carrot sticks and humus for a bit of energy. Does that count as cheating? Nahhhh!

Juicytox Results:

Inch loss

Let's be honest, inch loss was what I was hoping to get out of this. I've lost 5 inches in total over four days, 3 of which came off my hips, which is my target area so that's great! My face also looks much slimmer, and in these pictures (although my head is at a slightly different angle) you can see I've lost a few chins! I just hope these inches stay off now I'm back on to eating solid food.


Unfortunately I think the detox had the opposite effect on curbing my cravings. Not eating for four days, I have been daydreaming about pizza, cheese, bread, crisps, burgers... but I don't want to put those inches back on. This morning I had scrambled eggs and avocado on toast (OK, it was cheesy bread, but I just had to!) to perk me up for getting back to the gym (which I really missed!) and a vanilla protein shake afterwards. I'll try to keep a healthy diet, but the detox hasn't made this any easier than usual.


I've been blessed with good skin naturally, and personally can't see much difference, but my work colleagues and boyfriend have all complimented how 'well' and radiant I look.


In the days of the cleanse, I felt fine - probably more perky than usual to be honest, and no mood swings! But in the evenings, I fell asleep really early. I'm writing this on Saturday morning, after two gym classes, and I still feel quite full of energy and ready for a productive day of blogging. Quite often after a double session, I feel exhausted and just want to watch TV and chill all day, so I hope this buzz lasts!

Final thoughts...

Overall, my juice cleanse was a fairly positive experience, although a boring one! I wasn't hungry, moody or lightheaded... I felt energised, and I lost some weight (whether it stays off is a different matter... but I guess that's up to me!).

I'm disappointed at how much I am now craving all the naughty savoury food, because I was hoping to finish the programme as a lover of a clean, healthy diet - but I guess I just love food too much!

However, I do think the cleanse will kick start a healthier diet for me overall (after a few little treats this weekend!) because I am inspired by the inch loss, and want to carry on slimming down into last summer's playsuit (this one!) which is now a little tight!

Have you ever done a juice cleanse? Would you want to?

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05.05 - Went for a lunchtime Benefit Brow Wax to get my free gimme brow and raise some money for Look Good Feel Better and Refuge. I wish Benefit hadn't changed the packaging of gimme brow and Brow Zings though - I prefer them as they are!

08.05 - The first proper summer's day of the year! Spent it sunbathing in Preston Park rock gardens.

14.05 - Took my Nanna for a Boho Gelato on the pier, despite it being freezing! She wanted to see the sea! I had 'Nutellesque' and it was gooooood.

15.05 - Went for a cheeky cocktail at the Speigeltent. I love Brighton when the Fringe and Festival are on!

22.05 - I love the Make Up Forever Excessive Lash Mascara! It fans, lengthens and separates lashes and keeps them in place ALL day. 

25.05 - Bought this amazing pineapple t-shirt from Oasis! You just can't be sad when you have gold pineapples on your t-shirt!

28.05 - My favourite post-workout smoothie: Vanilla Protein World Slender Blend, mango, raspberry, almond milk and almond butter. Mmmm...

29.05 - Trying out Brighton's new Franco Manco sourdough pizzeria, c/o Rosie Posie's Puddings & Pies twitter competition that I won! It's absolutely incredible, the best pizza I've ever tried by far!

30.05 - The night before starting a four day juice cleanse! Eek! Stay tuned to the blog to find out how I got on!

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Real life instagram filters?

Ah Instagram, and their wonderful filters that smooth, perfect and illuminate our skin, and transform even the most unflattering of pictures into model shots... wouldn't it be great if you could apply Lark, Juno or Mayfair to your face in real life every morning?  The Body Shop's new trio of Instaglow CC creams* aim to do just that. 

Available in three shades, Bright Glow for fair skin, Peachy Glow for fair/medium skin and Warm Glow for dark skin, the CC creams minimise the appearance of pores, illuminate the complexion, and provide hydration and sun protection (SPF20). They do give a hint of coverage, but I mean a hint. I like a very light coverage with my foundation anyway, but used alone the Instaglow creams aren't enough, even for me. The Body Shop suggest that these work well as a primer, underneath your foundation, but I've preferred mixing them with mine. Mixed with my Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Gel, the creams just add a light-reflecting (not shimmery!) 'filter-like' glow, tinted with either bright, peachy or warm light. 

These aren't like foundations, where you have to find an exact shade match; the shades are a little more universal, and you can pick and choose which one to use for the type of effect you're going for that day - just as you would pick different Instagram filters. 

For my light skin,  I've been able to get away with using the Bright Glow and the Peachy Glow all over my face; bright for a fresh and illuminated finish, and Peachy for a warmer, 'candlelit' glow. I tried using Warm Glow as a bronzer, but it was just too dark for me. 

However the shades will work differently with different complexions. I think medium/olive skin tones would be able to get away with using all three shades for highlight, foundation and contour. 

I'd describe these kind of like a liquid version of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders - different shaded 'filters' to provide a subtle, lit-from-within glow in a tint that suits the particular vibe you're going for. 

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The Products You Need This Summer

Well a few weeks ago we had a summer's day. Hopefully that's not all we're getting this year, as I've already stocked up on two pairs of sunglasses and a beauty haul ready for those sunny days. Here are the products I'm rating for summer (so far...)

1. O&M Surf Bomb

Salt spray is a summer time necessity, and I'm in love with Original & Mineral's Surf Bomb; it beats both bumble & bumble's surf spray and surf infusion by a mile. I guess nobody can do surfer hair better than the Australians! Applied to wet hair, it subtly enhances the hair's natural wave, and adds sexy texture and movement without a matte finish or any 'crunch'. For full-on mermaid waves, I sleep with my hair in french plaits, and then spritz in the Surf Bomb in the morning to add extra definition and hold.

£19 from Space NK

2. Urban Decay Beached Bronzer

Blue skies and palm trees on the outside, and a buttery soft bronzer on the inside; this little compact is possibly the cutest summer launch of 2016. The shade sun-kissed gives a subtle warm glow that looks totally natural, thanks to the matte finish, and the silky, finely-milled powder blends beautifully into the skin.

£20 from Debenhams

3. Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Sunscreen

Hawaiian Tropic win at sun cream every time. That tropical fragrance is just summer encapsulated, isn't it? Their new 'air soft' formula is lightweight and non-greasy, absorbing into the skin quickly to avoid any sticky/sandy situations! As well as providing you with whatever level of sun protection you need (it comes in SPF 15, 30 or 50), the cream also contains silk proteins that leave the skin silky soft. 

4. Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

A hydrating facial mist is a godsend in a heatwave, especially when it smells as delicious as this one from Jurlique. I love to use it throughout the day to refresh and hydrate my skin, and take a little moment of luxury. 8,000 rose petals go in to each bottle of Jurlique's Rosewater Balancing Mist (which are hand picked from Jurlique's farm in the Adelaide Hills of Australia), and provide the skin with a wealth of soothing, softening benefits.
£18 from LookFantastic

5. Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

I go on about this all the time, I know, but it needed to be mentioned in this post as it's practically made for the summer months; with a built in SPF 30, a lightweight gel texture, and a formula packed with nourishing, hydrating ingredients. Coverage-wise, it's somewhere in-between a tinted moisturiser and a foundation, giving a sheer cover and a dewy glow.
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