Three seasons in scent

I'm never been a huge perfume person - in past years, I've stuck to the same scent all year round (last year was Marc Jacobs Lola, the year before, Nina by Nina Ricci) but this year I seem to have fallen in love with a new fragrance for each season.

I love feminine, floral fragrances all year round, but in the spring and summer I prefer a fresh, lighter scent and opt for a muskier hint as the weather starts to get colder.


Daisy Dream is everything Spring should smell like - fresh, light and clean with a delicate floral fragrance. Think freshness like clean washing that's been hung outside, think floral as in fresh jasmine. It's quite a sophisticated scent for Marc Jacobs who I find tends to create quite fun and girly fragrances, and this sophistication is reflected in the bottle which is a bit more toned down than the other fragrances in the Marc Jacobs line. 
Memories evoked: my birthday and our little trip to Dorset 


You can't really get much more summery than the smell of sweet sun-ripened figs that have been picked in the height of the Italian summer. This warm fragrance fuses fruity and floral, with notes of Tuscan Rose for a bright and feminine scent, yet the subtle hint of sea spray still gives a fresh feel. The bottle is simple and elegant, and when the sun shines through the multi-faceted glass it looks beautiful.
Memories evoked: Sunny days on Brighton beach 


Moving into Autumn I've fallen in love with Love - it's fruity and floral, but with warm base notes of sandalwood and praline to create a slightly heavier, muskier scent. In my current 70's style obsession I love the retro bottle which has a swatch of Desigual fabric on the lid.
Memories yet to be created! :)

So that just leaves me to find a Winter fragrance - any suggestions?
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The Wet Brush

The simple hair brush - the most basic, but most essential beauty tool we own. Probably the first beauty tool we ever owned as little girls and one we've used every day since. So finding your perfect one is very important. I was brought up with a classic Denman, and switched to Tangle Teezer in my teens. Then I had a brief fling with the Corioliss Dentangling Brush a few months ago, but I think I've finally found the one with The Wet Brush. 

The Wet Brush is different to all my past hair brush choices for many reasons, making for a more comfortable detangling experience and leaving a smoother, shinier finish. Here's why...

Intelliflex bristles 

The Wet Brush's bristles are thin, flexible and well spaced out (as opposed to the hard, rigid bristles of my past brushes) but despite their dainty appearance, The Wet Brush's IntelliFlex britles are super strong and firm on tackling tangles in wet or dry hair. You'd imagine flexible bristles would just get caught when it hits a knot, but in fact they glide through matted hair effortlessly. 

The delicate bristles are gentler on the hair, making it less likely to snap - this is great for me as my brittle hair is prone to breakages, but it also means that the brush is safe to use on your hair when it's in it's most vulnerable state - wet. Wet hair is weaker and more likely to break (which is why people say you shouldn't brush wet hair) but the gentle yet detangling bristles of the Wet Brush are kind to wet hair - meaning no split ends and a quicker, easier detangling and drying experience.


The Wet Brush has those little plastic blobs on the top of each bristle, to protect your scalp from scratching and scraping. I never thought that the pointy bristles of my Denman/TT/Corioliss brushes were particularly harsh on my scalp, they never bothered me or anything, but as soon as the Wet Brush's SofTips touched my head it was a game changer. The soft, rounded tips made the bristles of my old brush seem like a bed of nails. 

The SofTips also massage the scalp and stimulate circulation to promote hair growth.

Ergonomic rubberised handle 

My Corioliss brush has a big chunky handle that wasn't all that comfortable to hold and the Tangle Teezer doesn't even have a handle. The Denman brush's handle was similar to that of the Wet Brush, a slim shape that fits perfectly in the palm of my hand, but didn't have the same rubberised texture that gives a sure and sturdy grip, even with wet, slippery hands. 

Air cushion

The Wet Brush has a soft, air-filled cushion that conforms to the shape of my head as I pull the brush through my hair, and absorbs the shock of any tugging from particularly bad tangles. 

I've also found that The Wet Brush seems to tame my flyaways and give a smoother, more polished result (as you can see in the photo above). I have always hated the frizzy 'glow' of flyaways and split ends around my head, so this for me is probably the best thing about it. It's really no wonder that this brush has got rave reviews and a huge celebrity fan club! 

My Wet Brush is the pink one from the Pastel Collection, but there's endless colour/pattern options available; ombre, animal print, metallics, neons... even a glow in the dark one! The entire range is available from CultBeauty, but if you need to see it to believe it, a select few styles are launching into Boots stores in September.

Have you tried The Wet Brush yet? 

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Blissful Rituals...

This rainy Sunday feels like the perfect time to talk about the new Spa of the World collection from the Body Shop, because it's days like today, when you just want to escape from it all, that these products are going to be my salvation.

The decadent, luxurious and indulgent new range of bath and body products draws inspiration from traditional Polynesian, Japanese, Moroccan and African spa treatments to allow your senses to escape to somewhere a little more exotic, even if just for ten minutes.

The products are split into three 'rituals' - a relaxing ritual to de-stress and unwind, a revitalising ritual to stimulate and rejuvinate a tired body and mind, and a blissful ritual for true indulgence.

When taking some 'me' time on such a grey and wet summer's day, true indulgence is what's called for, so these products from the 'blissful ritual' are on the menu for me this evening.


To me, there is nothing more indulgent than nourishing my skin from top to toe with a rich, creamy moisturiser, and the Hawaiian Kukui Cream is probably the single most luxurious body cream around. The cream is thick but really silky, and glides onto the skin far more easily than the Body Shop Body Butters do (which I personally find a little waxy). It melts in almost instantly (so no laborious rubbing in required) and leaves the skin feeling nurtured, soft and smelling amazing. I can only describe the delectable fragrance as a more opulent version of Hawaiian Tropic sun cream.

The Kukui seed oil is the magic ingredient that provides moisture and nutrition to the skin, and has been used by Hawaiian women for generations, to restore suppleness and nurture their sun-drenched skin.


This delightfully scented wonder-oil can be used on the body or hair, or as a relaxing massage oil. When my skin is feeling and looking boringly ordinary and in need of an injection of radiance a few drops melt in to provide deep hyradtion and leave skin feeling silky smooth with a glowing sheen. The oil is also said to provide relief to damaged hair, leaving it softer and lustrous. I found it a bit too heavy and greasy for my hair, but I think I used a little too much and on wet hair - The Body Shop recommend combing a drop or two through dry hair. 

Monoi, a sacred, scented blend of coconut oil and tiare flowers, has been treasured by the women of the Polynesian islands for two thousand years to give a glow to skin and lustre to hair.

During the half an hour it took me to write this post, the rain has stopped and the sun has come out. It seems the products can even convince the British weather that we're on a topical paradise island! 
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KORE Skincare

Cult brands like Jurlique, Becca and Lanolips, are firmly putting Australia on the beauty map, and the latest skincare brand making waves from down under is KORE.

Fusing together today's modern cosmetic technologies with elements of the ancient healing potions that were once used to remedy skin conditions, KORE developed a unique ingredient which they named the KORE Complex. The KORE Complex is the secret ingredient to every KORE product, and claims to repair skin cells, fight off signs of aging, and rejuvinate the complexion.

I've been testing out the range with the KORE Luxury Starter Set*, which includes travel-sized samples of KORE's fully integrated skincare routine; exfoliator, foaming cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, day cream and optimal repair cream.

  • The KORE Pearl Revitalising Toner is housed in a mini spritzer bottle (perfect for popping in my bag on these hot, muggy days for an instant skin refresh) and has a lovely light and fresh fragrance. A few spritzes across the face is so refreshing first thing in the morning or in the mid-afternoon slump. Applied on a soaked cotton pad, the toner leaves the skin feeling super clean and removes all traces of dirt and make up.
  • The KORE Pearl Intensive Serum has the consistency of liquid satin and melts into the skin, leaving it luxuriously soft. I use this in both my morning and evening routine as I find it works well as a primer, as well as feeling like an intensive overnight treatment. 
  • I love a rich, heavy moisturiser, and the KORE Pearl Optimal Repair Cream doesn't disappoint. It has an almost whipped cream texture - light and fluffy but indulgently creamy. It quenches the skin upon application and leaves my skin looking plumped and feeling soft. I prefer to use this at night, as it's a little too much for a day cream in my opinion.
  • One of the products that I didn't like quite so much was the Foaming Cleanser. I'm always left disappointed with cleansers that are labelled as 'foaming' as they never deliver as much frothiness as I'd like. My other complaint is that I found this cleanser quite harsh and it stung a little bit around my eyes. Skin care wise, it did a fine job at deeply cleansing and removing make-up, but I just personally prefer something a little gentler.
  • The KORE Pearl Gentle Exfoliator was much more to my liking. It has a real grit to it to effectively buff away dead skin cells, but still feels gentle on the skin. After using, my skin felt rejuvinated and fresh, and my complexion even and glowy. 
  • You can't beat a refreshing eye cream on tired eyes (as mine always seem to be!) and the KORE Repairing Eye Cream is lovely and soothing both morning and night. The lightweight cream quickly absorbs to reduce puffiness and target dark circles, while instantly soothing and cooling.
  • KORE's Restorative Day Cream starts the day with some skin hydration, but really gets to work throughout the day when it helps to protect against the environmental stresses of pollution, sun damage, air conditioning etc. And of course, like every single one of these products, the miracle KORE Complex ingredient is constantly working to replenish skin cells, strengthen the skin's defense system and rejuvinate the complexion.

I've loved being able to trial this exciting skincare brand that's new to the UK, and can safely say that a little of this stuff goes a long, long way. My 10ml samples are still going strong, so a full sized product is sure to last a while.

Unfortunately this starter set isn't available to buy, but if you're looking to invest in some premium skincare which offers luxury and scientifically researched formulas, KORE is certainly a brand worth investigating. I'd recommend going for the serum and the eye cream in particular!
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Massage at The Beauty Shed

It's been a year now since I joined the gym and started taking fitness a bit more seriously. But along with all the benefits of working out, come the injuries, aches and pains. I do a lot of boxing, which has left me with a really tight back and shoulders, so I'd been meaning to book in for a massage for ages to sort it out. Obviously my place of choice was The Shed, (my favourite place, in case you hadn't noticed!) who have their very own, highly qualified and experienced masseuse, Petra. 

Despite my many visits to The Beauty Shed, I hadn't spent much time in the treatment room (as manicures, pedicures and brows are done in another room). The treatment room is just as lovely as the rest of The Shed, with the same calming Green & Spring fragrances filling the air, and a down-to-earth, homely feel about the place. With the lights dimmed and some relaxing music on, I felt relaxed before the massage even started. 

Petra spoke to me about the different types of massage she offers, from a soft and relaxing massage to help clients unwind, sports massage to treat and prevent injury, and deep tissue massage to release tightness and stretch the muscles. She also explained 'trigger point therapy', where she can feel her way around problem areas and discover 'trigger points' which release pain stored up in another part of the body. 

Using some rosemary and peppermint oil Petra began working out the knots in my upper back - she explained that this relieves the congested muscle and removes the toxins. Then she moved on to a bit of trigger point therapy - when she found a trigger point on my back, I could feel a pain running up my neck! It was quite weird! This bit of the massage wasn't particularly relaxing, but afterwards my whole back, neck and shoulders felt so loose! She finished off with a bit more of a relaxing technique, leaving me feeling really zen (aka a bit dopey)! 

Over the next few days my back felt incredible, being free from knots and tightness! It's definitely made me realise that sports massage is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle! 

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L'Oreal Casting Sunkiss Jelly

I recently got bored of my bronbré hair (my new word for bronde and ombré) and have been lusting over the idea of having lovely long blonde locks again. However, with the cost of highlights falling way out of my budget at the moment, I wanted to find a cheaper way of blending my mid-brown roots into my bleach-blonde ends.

I saw Claire raving about the L'Oreal Casting Sunkiss Jelly on her blog, and although she had used it to create sunkissed highlights in her brunette hair, I thought it could work well to lighten the darker, top half of my ombré hair.

L'Oreal Casting Sunkiss Jelly isn't a scary home-dye, but a leave-in, gradual lightening product that is activated by heat/sun. It comes in three shades (I use 03 - for light blonde to very light blonde hair - to match my light ends) and it's so easy to apply simply with your hands. To lighten all over, like I did, I simply coated my hair in a generous amount, brushed it through evenly, and sat outside for the sun to work it's magic (I even went blonder in the car, through the sun roof! Or on rainy days, the hairdryer on full heat works just as well). The jelly can also be used just to create soft highlights (like Claire did) by carefully applying it freehand on to selected sections.

Unlike other hair colourants that can be really drying and leave a nasty chemical smell behind for a few washes, the Sunkiss Jelly is ammonia free and enriched with camellia oil, leaving behind a delicate floral fragrance. And as for dryness, if anything I'd say my hair is slightly softer than before!

As you can see, the results are pretty amazing for a £5.99 product! I am pretty stunned, to be quite honest! I wasn't expecting such a drastic lift in colour...


The picture on the left was taken seven weeks ago, before using the Casting Sunkiss Jelly. The picture on the right was taken this weekend, 4 applications later, looking slightly windswept on the way back from the beach, where I'd sat in the sun to let the jelly activate.

I can't believe how well this product worked for what I was trying to achieve. It's saved me £70+ and hours in the hairdressers!
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Rosie & Gym: Working out with a PT

I’ve come to love working out and manage to make it to the gym 5-6 times a week, but my downfall is being too scared to try new things by myself for fear of doing it wrong and looking stupid, or worse, hurting myself. So when Brighton-based personal trainer David Staffell asked if I’d like to review a couple of PT sessions with him, I jumped at the opportunity to learn some new exercises, try something new and push my limits.

David has his own company, DS FIT, where he and his team of trainers work across South-West London, Bristol and of course Brighton & Hove. David himself lives in Brighton, and we met up in Preston Park one lovely sunny afternoon for some training.

He quickly assessed my fitness levels and understood my goals, so we could get straight to work, starting off with some cardio circuits. This involved things like toe taps on a step, bunny hops over the step, squats and shoulder presses with a weighted sandbag, and body weight exercises like press ups, walking planks, crunches and so on. Then we got the boxing gloves and pads out (my favourite part!) and worked on some high intensity boxing combinations with sprints in between.

The next session was probably my favourite session of the three, partly because it was a glorious sunny morning and we found a spot in the park under a tree with blossoms all over the ground - very picturesque! I also loved that I got to try out something totally new that I’d never done before – using a TRX suspension trainer. I’d always wanted to use the one in my gym, but never really knew what to do with it. As it turns out, there are endless exercises you can do on a suspension trainer, depending on which part of your body you want to target and it’s great for building strength by using your own body weight. 

 photo SQUAT GIF_zps3ualw1id.gif

I did a full body workout on the TRX, working my legs with squats and lunges, my arms with standing press ups, and my core by putting my feet in the TRX handles and doing suspended press ups (REALLY BLOODY HARD). Then we did a bit more core work (crunches, leg lifts, Russian twists) split up with some kettle bell sprints.

In my final training session, David set up a five station circuit using some simple equipment – a step, a bosu ball (aka - half a Pilates ball), some dumbbells and the boxing gloves/pads. This time I worked round the circuits for the whole session, doing 40 seconds on each exercise with 10 seconds rest between each one.

As my last session was after a couple of weeks of eating, drinking and lazing around on holiday, I found it a real struggle. But David pushed me to work as hard as I had done before and helped me to break through that barrier of getting back into my normal routine, which was great!

Although David’s prices are really reasonable, having a Personal Trainer is not something that many people can afford permanently. However, I think that booking out a block of three to five training sessions when you need a little extra help is a great idea. Whether it’s for a bit of motivation, to train specifically for an event, or to break through a plateau – sometimes a bit of professional support is just what you need. 

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The Body Shop Summer Edit

Are you sitting comfortably? Because there's a lot going on at The Body Shop this summer, and I want to tell you all about it! The Body Shop hosted their first ever Brighton event for us this week, and whilst the prosecco was flowing and we admired the view of the yachts in Brighton Marina, we were introduced to the new products and collections, coming to a Body Shop near you this summer!

Stay tuned to Everything's Rosie over the next few weeks for a closer look and reviews of some of these products, but for now, here's an introduction to the new additions to The Body Shop for SS15.


The Voyage Collection is such a perfect summer concept - five fragrances inspired by traditional ingredients from across the globe. Four of the five scents are already available in store; Japanese Cherry Blossom, Fijan Water Lotus, Atlas Mountain Rose and Indian Night Jasmine, with a fifth, Italian Summer Fig joining the collection on 21st July. To celebrate the new addition to the range all five fragrances are having a design overhaul, swapping their (fairly boring) tall rectangular bottles for these absolutely stunning multifaceted glass bottles. Each one has a different colour base that subtly reflects and defracts through the glass, and is presented in a box decorated with a pattern symbolic of that region.


Focussing on ancient beauty rituals and treasured ingredients from across the world, the brand new collection of bath and body products is the most decadent of The Body Shop ranges. The Spa Of The World collection features indulgent body creams, scrubs, clays and oils, all of which are spa-worthy products with blissful fragrances that let your senses escape to the four corners of the globe from your own bathroom. The products are split into three 'rituals' based on how the products make you feel - the relaxing ritual, the revitalising ritual and blissful rituals.


It wouldn't be summer at The Body Shop without mentioning their Honey Bronze range, and new in for SS15 comes three new products to get us glowing! First, a multi-action highlighting dome to create a summery shimmer on the cheekbones, collar bones, shins. Next, the Honey Bronze Face Gel, for an instant sunkissed face. It has a matte finish and hydrating gel texture, and says it can be used in place of a foundation. Finally, the Honey Bronze Tinted Leg Mist. I don't know about you, but my legs never tan as much as the rest of my body, so I think I'm going to love this. It's shimmer free, so promises a natural bronzed look, and leaves legs feeling silky smooth.
And of course all come with that delightful honey smell.


There's nothing new about the Beauty Gems collection, because there doesn't need to be. The Body Shop have simply rounded up the best-selling, must-have products for the summer months, to help you (re)discover their hero products. Within the collection I already spotted one of my ultimate summer essentials - the Vitamin E Face Mist. I took this on holiday, kept it in the fridge, and it was like a refreshing spritz of heaven when we got back to the apartment after a day baking in the sun. Lauren said she couldn't live without the Vitamin E Serum-in-Oil and Sophie rates the Instablur primer, so I shall be trying both of those out! Each of us were given a different Beauty Gem to take home to try, I got the Warming Mineral Mask, which I'm sure both Rich and I will love using!
Are any of your favourite Body Shop products on the list?

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Battle of the beach sprays

Tanned skin and beachy mermaid hair go hand in hand, and since returning from my holiday with a bit of colour to me, I've ditched the straighteners and shine spray in favour of the au natural beach babe look.

There are a few techniques to using a salt spray (scrunching, twirling, leaving it to dry in a bun) and I find them all very much hit and miss - sometimes I'll magically get perfectly formed mermaid waves, other times I get a wind-swept, knotty mess. I've tried dozens of different salt sprays over the past few years, but out of the two I'm using this summer, one seems to be more reliable at achieving the desired look than the other one...


Last year I fell in love with the original bumble&bumble Surf Spray, so when the new Surf Infusion spray launched this summer, promising beachy waves and silky smooth hair, I couldn't resist splashing out £21.50 on a bottle.

On first impressions, Surf Infusion's size and packaging were a bit of a let down. Compared to the black matte bottle and chrome spritzer of the original Surf Spray, the Surf Infusion's standard plastic bottle is far from being luxury. Also, the bottle is tiny -100ml isn't very much product for such a steep price tag.

But on to what really matters - how it performs. It adds some movement into my hair, but I'm finding it difficult to achieve any defined waves. Applied to dry hair, it creates a textured, wind-swept effect to my straight hair, which looks nice when I'm after more of a boho/festival chic look, but I wouldn't call it 'beach hair'. Scrunched in to wet hair, it created a few (limp) waves - but as I say the results are pot luck.

And what about the oil-infused element? There is less of the crunchy feeling with this compared to Surf Spray (and most other salt sprays), but there's still some stiffness and certainly no softness or 'sheen' as promised. I also find my hair prone to tangling when I had use the Surf Infusion and I tend to return home with one large mat of hair.

For a bumble&bumble product, and the price tag, I was expecting miracles - but it didn't wow me at all. Overall, it's probably the most anti-climatic product I've ever bought. Ouch.
On a recent night out, my friend's sister brought out a bottle of this Schwarzkopf salt spray, and her hair just seemed to magically transform into neatly tousled waves. A queue of girls quickly formed around her as everyone wanted a spritz! To make sure I wasn't drunkenly mistaken at how good this stuff appeared to be, I picked up a bottle in Asda a few days later. It was on offer for £3 (from £4.20), so 7 times cheaper than the bumble&bumble option, and double the size. 

And I was right... this stuff is amazing. 

I find this spray works equally well on damp or dry hair, a few spritzes and a bit of scrunching and I'm left with mermaid-worthy, beach babe waves. Nine times out of ten, I've got a perfect 'straight-off-the-beach' look, which makes this the most reliable salt spray I've ever used. 

As with any salt spray product there's going to be a crispy residue, but with the Mermaid Look Salt Spray it really is minimal and I hardly notice it with the amount of movement in my locks. And as for tangling - there is none.

My winning beach spray by far!

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Festival Wish List

I've not got any big festival plans this year, but that hasn't stopped me from wanting to be dressed head-to-toe in flowers and fringing! And besides, living in Brighton, I'm never far from some kind of festival - Shakedown and the brand new Together the People Festival will probably be on the agenda, and Pride, of course!

This year's seventies trend goes hand-in-hand with the festival vibe, and I'm finding myself being drawn towards a more bohemian look than normal at the moment. I'm eager to get my hands on this beautiful crochet dress from Topshop that I saw on Ellis' instagram. It's only £26 and so retro - definitely on my next pay-day list! As TTPF is in September it'll probs be a little chilly, so this knitted tassel kimono looks like a cosier alternative to the thin cotton kimonos that are everywhere at the moment.

A festival wish list wouldn't be complete without a pair of wellies and I've wanted a pair of Hunter boots forever! I love this pastel green pair but in reality I'd probably go for a safer, all season colour like the dark purple ones.

To accessorize; a flower crown (obviously), a simple saddle bag, and a statement necklace. I love Wolf & Moon's geometric pendants that are made from a mix of Perspex and wood - which I think gives a real 70's vibe.

Are you headed to any festivals this year? If anyone's going to Wilderness I'm so jealous!

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Dreaming about driving!

Usually I am obsessed with the idea of buying a new Nars lip pencil (this might have happened today... x3) or paying an obscene amount of P&P to order some Victoria's Secret gym clothes from the States, but my latest obsession really is ridiculous. I want a mint green Fiat 500. And I can't even drive.

But they're so pretty, aren't they? Every time I see one I go all heart-eye emoji. The interiors are even nicer too, with a mint green dashboard and cream leather steering wheel.

However I have a looooong way to go before I can whizz along the seafront in my little pastel coloured dream car, learning to actually drive it might be a good start! I learnt to drive when I was 17, and after a whopping 40(!!!) lessons I took a test. And failed, miserably. I got an impressive 14 minors and 2 majors, then I moved to Brighton where buses are great (hmm I say that begrudgingly, but they are, I guess) and parking is extortionate. So no more lessons were taken, my theory test expired, and I gave up on becoming mobile.

But now my inability to drive is not only a little bit embarrassing (getting a green ID out at the bar is so uncool) but also hindering the hunt for my dream job. Lots of beauty companies (Green People and The Body Shop for example) are based out in the Sussex countryside - a journey that would take me 15 minutes by car but would be basically impossible by public transport. So, as soon as I've saved up enough money I'm going to re-take my theory, book some lessons, and pass my test - it's just so expensive!

Then comes the expense of the tax, MOT and insurance, but luckily the More Than Young Driver Insurance rewards safe drivers by giving them cash back when they can prove they can drive safely, via the little black box they install on your car to monitor your driving style. I think this is a great initiative when you look at the high rate of road accidents in new drivers!

Although I was clearly a terrible learner driver, my problem was being over-cautious and at least that's better than being over-confident! I think when I finally get to grips with my driving I'll be safe and sensible, and hopefully benefit from More Than's cashback scheme meaning more money for lipsticks and over-priced sportswear!

Any other non-drivers out there feel embarrassed of their green licence at the bar? Or any of you got a Fiat 500 that I can envy you for?

*sponsored post
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Helmies - Nail Helmets

I always manage to get some kind of bump or smudge on my freshly painted nails. Even when I'm trying my hardest to sit still as long as possible, something'll happen to mess up my manicure. Enter Helmies...

Helmies nail helmets are little silicon caps that you slip on to your fingertips once your nails are touch dry (5-10 minutes depending on your nail polish), protecting them from bumping, smudging or chipping, whilst you can get on with your day. The stretchy, lightweight helmets have a slightly powdered texture which prevents them from smudging the nail polish themselves when you put them on. And, they have an open backed design, freeing up your fingertips so that you can use your phone (avoiding Instagram withdrawals). 

There are three sizes included in a pack - little pink ones for your pinkie (obviously), white ones for your fingers and thumbs, and large pink ones for your big toes. The toe Helmies are an absolute godsend - no more carpet fibres sticking to your pedicure and no worries if you're clumsy like me and  have a habit of stubbing your freshly painted toe! Unfortunately I find the white ones are too big for my three middle fingers (they're fine on my thumb) and tend to slip off if I'm doing something too strenuous. I've compiled a list of things that I've discovered you can and can't do whilst wearing your helmies...

You can... a book
...type on a keyboard
...use an iPhone, just about. Fine with scrolling, not so good with typing. Good luck if you have a smaller screen than an iPhone 6.
...use the TV remote
...(carefully) make a cup of tea

You can't...
...sort out the laundry
...put make up on your hair
...get dressed
...make a packed lunch

So they're not quite a manicure miracle, but definitely a great beauty gadget for those who struggle to sit still watching (nail) paint dry. I'm sure I'll be putting my Helmies to good use to prevent manicure-induced boredom, but I wouldn't say they're a game-changing must-have product. (Except for the toe helmies, which are the best invention ever).

What do you think? Gimmick or genius?

ps: review of that Butter London polish (Molly Coddled) here.

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Rosie & Gym: Pretty Muddy Race For Life

If you read this post last month, you'll know that I've been busy training to take part in Race for Life's 'Pretty Muddy' event to raise money for Cancer Research UK. I'd been going to FIT classes to improve my overall strength and fitness, running 5k on the treadmill at least once a week, and even had a couple of PT sessions to prepare me for the race. 

But then I went on holiday and a lot of lounging, eating and drinking happened, and since being back I've been struggling to get back on track - equalling two whole weeks of junk food and not much exercise. So yesterday morning when I met Laura and Lilla at Stanmer Park (Sophie was unable to make it due to a job interview!), I was feeling probably the most unfit I've been all year, and a little anxious about what was about to happen. 

However, once I got going it wasn't half as bad as I expected! It was more challenging than it would've been two weeks ago, but I still managed to complete the 5k course in 45 minutes (which included a ridiculously steep incline and queing for the obstacles). A 5k run on the treadmill usually takes me between 30-35 minutes, so considering the uneven ground, queues, incline, heat and having no music or water en route, I'm pretty pleased with my time! 

Here we are before the race, all nice and clean.....

...and here I am at the 4k mark, climbing out of a mud bath, looking rather worse for wear with my bra on show! (Clearly this was unintentional, but as it's out on display I'll take the opportunity to tell you about it as it's a pretty awesome sports bra. It's a push-up, padded sports bra*  in leopard print with a black, polka dot mesh insert. It's underwired and offers great workout support and comfort, but I feel so much more confident wearing this rather than most sports bras which give me no assistance in the boob department. I even wear it as a normal bra when I've got a low cut top on, as the polka dot mesh looks so pretty peeking out and preserves my modesty when my top slips down! Black Topshop cami I'm talkin' bout you! Anyway I massively digress...)

Here we are at the end, where a big inflatable mud slide marked the finish line! This was so much fun and we were getting sprayed with water guns as we slid down, the only rubbish part was having to queue for about ten minutes to get on it and finally complete the race!

And after, covered in mud and sweat and proudly wearing our dog tag medals!

We had so much fun and have so far managed to raise £261.50 for Cancer Research UK, but I'd really love to raise even more to help the brave people who have to live with this horrible disease every day. We heard from a young girl who had been diagnosed with spinal cancer on the day of her school prom. She is undergoing treatment and has to take £96 worth of medicine every day! I got quite emotional listening to her before we started the race! Someone very special to me is also currently fighting his battle with cancer which makes this a charity very close to my heart. If you'd like to sponsor us and donate to Cancer Research UK, our justgiving page is HERE.

Are you taking part in any fundraising events this summer? Next on my list is the Colour Run!

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Miami Beach Babe Collection by Kiko

When I visited the brand new KIKO Cosmetics store in Brighton last month, I fell just a little bit head over heels in love with their Miami Beach Babe collection and couldn't resist picking up a few pieces to brighten up my make-up bag for the summer!

The capsule collection of bright shades and glossy metallics capture the vibrant, rollerskating, laid-back vibe of Miami beach and it's certainly not shy to celebrate a kitsch use of colour, incorporating elements of Pop Art and Art Deco into the products and packaging.  Brightly coloured eye make-up seems to be KIKO's focus in this collection with luminous shades of metallic eyeliner and colourful mascara. No secrets that that's not my style, but what drew me in were the products that created the poster girls' sunkissed skin and tinted glossy lips...


First I was drawn like a moth a the flame to the pink and sparkliness of the Double Deco Blushes*, duo tone blush compacts each with a pink matte and a pink shimmer inside. True to (unadventurous) form, I picked out the most muted variation of the three, Coral Gables - a matte peachy coral with a shimmery dusky rose. This is almost like having three blushes in one as the two shades can be used alone or mixed together. Alone, the peachy shade gives a neutral flus on my skin tone, while the shimmery rose gives a bright pop of colour, and swirled together they create a multi-dimensional effect that just subtly catches the light and defines your cheeks.


The first product that really got me in to make-up back at school was the GOSH Giant Sun Powder bronzer (twas the envy of all my friends y'know), so I couldn't resist picking up the oversized bronzer from this collection as a tribute. The Beach Babe Bronzer* (I got the lighter shade, California Sand) is a matte bronzing powder, so it's great for soft subtle contouring. Lightly dusted across the forehead, cheeks and neck, it gives a gorgeous sunkissed glow, and because it's shimmer free, it gives a healthy natural look. Extra brownie points for the large mirror and its chocolatey scent!


Now these were clearly a no-brainer decision when adding to my stash, because THEY HAVE POLKA DOTS ON THEM. I'm not a bold lip kinda gal, so the sheer and glossy finish of these give just a subtle splash of colour, while the silky consistency feels lovely and hydrates my lips - perfect for hot summer days! These are the shades Tropical Juice (a vibrant pink grapefruit colour) and Jolly Roger (A sandy nude) and both have a high shine finish. The polka dots have no effect on the lipstick colour - they're just there to look fun!

What do you think of KIKO's Miami Beach Babe collection? 
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My summer base

I'm loving my make-up routine more than usual at the moment, and it's down to these products that are leaving me with the perfect summer time base. It's fresh, light and luminous, with enough coverage to combat any redness or shine, but lightweight enough to let my skin breathe.


The bareMinerals Complexion Rescue* is pretty much the perfect summer time base. The gel texture combines a sheer coverage with multiple skincare benefits and an SPF 30.

With enough coverage to be a one-step base on a good skin day, the Complexion Rescue leaves a beautiful dewy glow on the skin.

It's intensely hydrating and is packed with 'hydrating humectants' which (google tells me) attract moisture from the air and draw it into the skin. My skin feels quenched and revitalised all day, even out in the sun.

Ignoring both the bottle (apply with fingertips) and the MUA at the bareMinerals master class (apply directly on to a brush), I've found I get the best out of the product by applying dots over my face and gently buffing it in with the bareMinerals Smoothing Face Brush.


KIKO's Natural Concealer* does absolute wonders under my eyes. It's subtle, light-reflecting finish banishes dark circles and blemishes. I'm quite self concious about my under-eye circles, and struggle to find a concealer that can combat the discolouration without looking too thick and cakey, but this one is pretty full coverage, without being at all heavy-duty.


Mineral Veil is Photoshop in a pot. I don't know how I've lived without it until now! The translucent and totally weightless finishing powder blurs over any remaining blemishes peeking through the sheer coverage of the C.R and soaks up any oil or shine, whilst letting C.R's beautiful, dewy finish show through.


I'm still loving the Soap & Glory duo tone Solar Powder bronzer - the darker shade is great for creating a soft contour in the hollows of my cheeks (using the Mac 168 brush) and the lighter shade over my forehead and cheeks adds a bronzed summer glow.

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Holiday Snaps: Akbuk, Turkey

Rich and I have just returned from our first holiday together and it was rather lovely indeed. We went to a small town called Akbuk in Turkey, staying in a family friend's apartment just a short bus ride from the main 'strip'.

Akbuk isn't really a beach resort, but instead there are lots of wooden jettys along the coastline. We spent most of our days chilling out on the Gezgin Cafe's jetty, which was near the apartment. The jetty was filled with loungers and big comfy beanbags to laze on, and best of all - their diet coke came in PINK cans! We found another nice jetty nearer the town too, which was closer into Akbuk town but was empty both times we went - we had the entire thing to ourselves! It was lovely to relax with a book and soak up some sun before jumping off the jetty into the crystal clear sea. Rich got himself a snorkel and went diving to find me a pearl... that was unsuccessful but he brought up lots of pretty shells to make a wind chime from! Whilst he was exploring the sea bed I worked on my tan and got through two books - 'When In Rome' by Nikki Pellegrino, a chick flick set in 1950's Italy, and Harper Lee's classic 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.

One day we left the jetty and went out on a boat. It was only 100 lira (about £12 each) for all day sailing around different coves and beaches, with a lovely fish salad and pasta lunch included. There was some great music playing chilled out chart hits and a bar for ice creams and beer - I'm not a really a beer drinker but the Turkish Efes beer is nice! We both got really tanned at sea too!

In general I don't rate the holiday for it's food - most eateries weren't anything special. In fact, the first two evening's meals, near our apartment, were rather vile. But we soon scoped out the nicer restaurants that were much nicer quality and served nice wine and proper cocktails. These were in the main part of Akbuk. The nicest meal I had all week was at a newly opened Esinti. It was a Turkish Mousakka parcel - aubergine, beef, tomatoes and potato inside a thin, crispy parcel, served with rice, chips and salad. The rest of the time we ate at the apartment, mainly lots of Karpus (watermelon) which was about 20p for a fruit twice the size of my head! One place we went back to countless times was called Pasa, mainly for their amazing cocktails and gorgeous sunset views. 

And I'll leave you with my favourite holiday picture... 

Do you have any holidays planned this summer?
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